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19 Nov 2000, 11:34
since november the 15th judith braun (judith@alphaville.de) is running alphaville's management.

NO MORE KP ?!?!?
this is a very sad day for all the utopians !

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19 Nov 2000, 13:01
yeah, I don´t get it !!

this is the 2nd time K.P. is off. I think I´ve met Judith, but I thought she was just a fan ?

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19 Nov 2000, 18:50
i think its a different Judith....
maybe Tobi or Claudia can help us here?
anyway, good luck to Judith and i will sure miss KP.

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20 Nov 2000, 11:47
quote from tobi:

"marian and kp stopped working together. judith has been working with kp for
alphaville in london and is now doing the management. as everyone knows,
about 10 years is a long time - i changed my job almost every 2 years."

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poul e
20 Nov 2000, 21:34
Here´s an official statement from KP:

From: K.P.Schleinitz <av.use@v...>
Date: Mon Nov 20, 2000 3:08am
Subject: K.P./M.G./Alphaville

Hi community,

it is correct what you ready : I'm no longer working with AV/MG.

This relationship lasting basically nine years (with a one year break in 97)
came to an end on the 15th of November.

It has not been my decision as we just had started the new venture of
Navigator Music which should have leaped us successfully into the future.
I believe that fundamental differences in the way of approaching "this"
future have lead to this separation.

I have to thank you guys out there for all your support over the years. It
was great working with you and having you around and it is my believe that
we have done a great job and achieved a lot.

Good luck to everybody, keep the spirit and the faith.

Love to all of you,


21 Nov 2000, 00:48
Welcome Judith Braun to the Alphaville society...hope you will have a nice time.

And to K.P, good luck in the future and thanks for the time you was a part of Alphaville.

'Jeder geht allein...
Jeder für sich...
Auf seinem Weg nach Alphaville'

26 Nov 2000, 02:13
by the way - judith braun to the right of this picture from hamburg:


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26 Nov 2000, 06:33

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29 Nov 2000, 22:02
does she smoke too?

30 Nov 2000, 22:13
That´s a very interesting question Staffan. We really need to find out. But how?

30 Nov 2000, 22:19
maybe in Hamburg next week ? http://www.alphaville.org/images/smoke.gif

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30 Nov 2000, 22:36
O.K, Since i´m not going to Hamburg you have to let me know.

30 Nov 2000, 23:05
we will. she told me that she'll be there so it shouldnt be a problem :)
"hey Judith ! care to join me for a smoke?"

@ville - forever and ever.

06 Dec 2000, 19:12
does she smoke too?

I guess not as a volcany anyway :-) Willy...what a nice smoking "smile"...ha ha ha