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17 Nov 2000, 15:34
What about a section were you can discuss AV´s albums? I mean, what do people think about the booklets, is there enough songs on the record or is it a good mixture of songs and so on...

poul e
18 Nov 2000, 06:56
Hi Avil

As you can see the administrator has "locked" for more subjects at the moment. That doesn´t mean that we can´t discuss AV´s albums. We can discuss it right here in "General Discussion" or in the "Coffee Lounge" under "General Coversation" where we already have talked about the greatest AV song.

In my opinion AV´s albums in general have a nice blend of different "types" of songs. I have to admit I was a bit dissapointed when "The Breathtaking Blue" came out. Only 10 songs and half of them with a "jazzy touch". After a while though the songs "grew on me" but "TBB" is still the worst Alphaville album in my eyes.

18 Nov 2000, 21:04
Personally I think that the album FY and Salvation is quite similar...Tells you about the "real" world...Then when it comes to Afternoons in Utopia...That album is somehow connected to Prostitute...Telling you a fantasy-story...But finally there are The breathtaking blue...I think that TBB has nothing to say...It´s a mixture of just everything,but it has it charm...Are you all with me or something?

18 Nov 2000, 22:10
i agree about the connection between FY and SALVATION. they are dealing (more or less) with the same subjects and also have the same rythems.
i cant seem to find a connection between PROSTITUTE and UTOPIA.
to me they are very different. opposites.
AIU is more about peace and love while PROSTITUTE critisizes the world we are leaving in and the human society.
about TBB - as far as i know this album was created to test a few music styles by the band.
see you in utopia,

@ville - forever and ever.

21 Nov 2000, 00:20
Like you alla say...between FOREVER YOUNG and SALVATION there is not so big diffrent...they are they two best albums i think by AV. :)
The album TBB I don't like mutch...to jazzy and strange for me. Not like AV.

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