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16 Nov 2000, 21:17
AV do not only make songs with someone singing in it, they have also done a few instrumental songs too..
And I think that that songs are just as good as the "usual" ones...What do you people think? I mean...Joyride, Kinetic and Patricia´s Park...What more can you say?

16 Nov 2000, 21:27
Oh...I love the song "my brothers in china" from the Dreamscapes CD 7. A slow and nice song....*dreaming*

'Jeder geht allein...
Jeder für sich...
Auf seinem Weg nach Alphaville'

16 Nov 2000, 22:48
Patricia's park is great !
also Mysterion, Thats all, Kinetic...

@ville - forever and ever.

22 Nov 2000, 22:38
I think Patricias park is more than cool. It would fit perfectly in &quot;Fantasia&quot;<img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>

04 Dec 2000, 15:09
I also like their instrumental songs, but I prefer when Marian uses his voice (Because it´s so great!!!).

poul e
16 Dec 2000, 06:28
I´m not that fund of the instrumental AV songs, but I must say that &quot;AIU instrumental&quot; is amazing!!

16 Dec 2000, 10:21
I'll go for

AIU [instr.]

M. Härdin

20 Nov 2002, 10:33
Listen to My Brothers In China right now......a great track.....

20 Nov 2002, 13:06
OH what an old topic, memories! :D

I havenīt listened to any of the instrumetal tracks for a while now...Funny, since we wrote in this topic the last time, the song "thatīs all" has gotten vocals :)

20 Nov 2002, 20:32
I love Joyride, Colours, Kinetic..... though haven't listened to them for a while....

27 Nov 2002, 12:10
KINETIC is fantastic !!!
Absolutly one of my faves !
Also : Patricia's park, mysterion.....
and without any connection to AV : i think that "Unjoid" by L'avantgarde is one of THE BEST instrumental tracks i've ever heard !!!!!

04 Oct 2003, 23:00
now we can include Stranger than Dreams...... and let's not forget the four instrumentals he co-wrote with Rainer Bloss for Drive Inn III.

Great stuff!

05 Oct 2003, 01:31
and Last Summer On Earth

05 Oct 2003, 03:30
dang! How could I forget that one! Thanks Alien! That one is one of my all time favorite AV Instrumentals!

05 Oct 2003, 11:56
I love stranger than dreams !!!
This song can really carry you away........

05 Oct 2003, 12:02
# Tomorrow
# That's All
# Stranger Than Dreams
# Patricia's Park
# Mysterion
# My Brothers In China
# Last Summer On Earth
# Kinetic
# Joyride
# Iron Gate
# Imperial Youth
# For The Sake Of Love
# For A Million (Instrumental)
# Colours
# All In The Golden Afternoon (Instrumental)
# Airport Sketch
# Afternoons In Utopia (Instrumental)

My favourites are: Joyride (reminds me of SLAM), For The Sake Of Love, My Brothers In China, Last Summer On Earth and Patricia's Park

05 Oct 2003, 13:46
I adore 'For a Million'

05 Oct 2003, 17:16
@Kaz - oh yeah, that is another one.... although I like the vocal version better, there are some great music in that one...

and the cows in the pasture graze......

and we know what we know what we know... is it truth?

05 Oct 2003, 20:28
I really like Stranger Than Dreams

05 Oct 2003, 22:09
I love Afternoons in Utopia. It's the Dream, it's the whole fantasy world I lived in as a child, lost, and found again when I reached my 20s. Ethereal, shimmering, surreal, perfect. [love2]

*Still believing in Dreams*

06 Oct 2003, 11:00
For A Million are great and like the song My Brothers In China very mutch to...and the song Last Summer On Earth....great songs...[smile]

06 Oct 2003, 18:57
Is it just me or does Stranger than Dreams seem like some sort of TV theme song? If so, what kind of a tv show do you think it would be? Mabye a tv cop show?

11 Oct 2003, 17:36
I think Joyride and Colours are the best! Patricia's park and Kinetic are almost as good. [smile]

11 Oct 2003, 19:13
I read somewhere that Patricia's Park was Ricky's creation for someone special - so its seems that Ricky, Marian and Bernhard have each created unique instrumentals..... I find that interesting indeed.

As for Kinetic and Joyride, they are great dance songs - not sure I would like then to have words in them - may ruin it..... of course, I thought that way about That's All until Max started singing!!!!

13 Dec 2003, 17:54
Colours is wonderful. And Kinetic... Can listen them infinitely...

13 Dec 2003, 18:36
Mysterion is my ultimate fave instrumental.

13 Dec 2003, 21:12
I love Mysterion, Colours, My Brothers in China, Patricia's Park and Iron Gate

14 Dec 2003, 09:27
And I missed Tomorrow, Iron Gate and Joyride..

15 Dec 2003, 19:39
Joyride! [jump2][love]

12 Nov 2004, 20:51
Patricia's park is also soooo gooood! At the moment it's really hard for me to choose the best one. Patricia's park, Joyride and Colours!

12 Nov 2004, 21:08
they're all good

12 Feb 2008, 20:45
I suggested the AIU instrumental as opening music for this year's Christmas concert (each class does a short performance) ... it was perfect. I was backstage with my sixth graders as we made sure everything was ready for the little play we did, and it gave me such a good feeling to hear AIU filling the auditorium behind me!

13 Feb 2008, 09:28
Afternoons In Utopia.... Well, that reminds me of Maria´s wedding. In the church the song was performed live. I have just seen it on video, but it was an amazing moment for sure.

13 Feb 2008, 09:33
Mysterion is my ultimate fave instrumental.
I couldnīt said it better......
Mysterion is on an album from Rainer Bloss too ..

13 Feb 2008, 14:26
I love the instrumentals!!! and yes, that whole album from Rainer is amazing! I was very excited to discover an instrumental version of elegy when you click on the Around the Universe section of the moonbase!