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08 Apr 2001, 19:40
Many AV songs contains the moon as a motive inside of them.
Can anyone guess what is the part of the moon in the alphavillian community...<img src=icon_smile_question.gif border=0 align=middle>
*This question is also good for the SUN as a motive in AV's songs...

"I was the sun and you were the moon..."
"Lets go to the moon..."
"You ripped the moon out of its place and turned it upside down..."

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29 Apr 2001, 23:19
I would say, that we (the fans) are the moon, we just shine because of the sun (alphaville). We could exist without the sun, but it would be much more dark!

14 May 2003, 12:24
I like your idea very much, Stefan!
"At the edge of the moon, there's a man" &lt;--- I always thought that Marian was the man. How would you explain that?

14 May 2003, 12:28
The moon - could be a mystical reference.

I'm disposed to think that it's because we're all lunatics [laugh]

14 May 2003, 13:48
I remember Marian saying once that he liked the moon...or maybe that he liked how the moon looked over here in the States...

As for me, I LOVE the moon...(she is gazing at the skies...ALWAYS!!!) and it just seems to fit in very well with Alphaville, shimmering and ephemeral, something of perfect beauty that comes and goes, like the dream...to me both the moon and Alphaville are filled with magic.

14 May 2003, 14:32
It sounds maybe strange but I always considered the moon als a symbol of darkness and the sun as a symbol of light.

Maybe because it's a reflection of myself?

The fallen angel, partly good ([angel]) and a part bad ([devil]).

Who knows????

14 May 2003, 14:53
I'm definitely a moon person and I always have been. I love all references to anything dark and mystical. I love to lay in bed at night and look at the moon through the open branches and twigs of the tree in my garden - much more of a powerful vision in the winter on a clear night with a full moon. I wish I could paint this image.

*not staying up til 3am on Friday morning waiting for the total lunar eclipse here - have to be at an interview at 8.45am! Though I might not be able to sleep anyway...*

14 May 2003, 15:02

remember that the Fallen Angel is Lucifer himself... [devil]

as for me, I worship both the Sun and the Moon... a Hindu must respect both of them [shy]

14 May 2003, 16:42
@ Agi

True, and the Bible says he is a handsome creature...

Got a pic Angel?? [wink]

I don't worship the sun and/or the moon, but I respect their respective places in the great scheme of things - whatever that scheme is...

14 May 2003, 19:31
@Stefan: I like what you wroth....and think it could be like that [smile]

14 May 2003, 20:48

Yes, I got the picture....[approve]

And as it comes from you, it is a nice compliment...[laugh]

14 May 2003, 21:16
I love watching moon in the sky... just sitting and staring at it.

14 May 2003, 21:20

without Sun there would be no life on Earth...

14 May 2003, 21:24
@Agi true...

14 May 2003, 22:41
Exactly Agi, that's why I respect it [laugh]

15 May 2003, 09:49
@wii & Kaz:

thanks a lot... [smile2] [love2]

15 May 2003, 14:23
Beautiful clear night last night. I watched the full(ish) moon until 4am, when it went down behind the trees. Something quite soul stirring about that.

Would love to watch the total eclipse tonight/tomorrow morning but I need to get some sleep - big day tomorrow...

15 May 2003, 16:59
[spin] Hello there, moon!

I will be able to see a blood red moon, a brown moon and a big yellow one today. Eclipse is between 21:00 and 23:00 hrs... [jump2]

If I hadn't been so lazy with mathematics, I would have been an astronomer... I will only keep sharing AV's affection for astral bodies. :)

15 May 2003, 17:58
Eclipse not here til 3am [cry]

15 May 2003, 20:19
For the people in the Eastern Daylight Time zone (like me),
the eclipse should start to get visable at 22:00, with a total eclips around 23:15.

I have never seen one before, so i think i will stay up [smile]
Maybe I can even shoot a picture,

Thanks for the news !

17 May 2003, 20:58
[sad] Clouds and rain... no moon

..."so much worse for the sun, who slips at seven in his sea-cradle and snore, while I take the chance to lift the skirt of the moon"...
(Sorry, bad translation of Joaquín Sabina)

19 May 2003, 22:10
when we were going to Kiev by train we could see very beautiful full-moon...

17 Jun 2003, 20:40
So, Monkey In The Moon is a song for us?
"This one is for you"
I know, I ask a lot of dumb questions. But AV is so confusion, sorry. Thanks for having patience ;)

17 Jun 2003, 20:48

Questions are never stupid!

Answers they can be ..... [smile2]

And beside we like your questions and also the answers that follows ....

14 Jul 2003, 22:55
So there was a full moon for the Chemnitz show, which made me very happy...and then last night in Berlin, I could hardly believe it, it seemed to be the biggest moon I had ever seen. It seems the moon looks different in Europe than it does in Utah.

I thought maybe one of the only things I would miss about Salt Lake would be the moon rising and setting behind the mountains...but that was before I saw what the moon can look like over here. Simply spectacular...I was walking home for an hour, I couldn`t stop gazing at the moon.

20 Jul 2003, 14:35
So just a stupid input. The moon some days ago...it was acctually an eclipse???? Haha, I didn´t know that, just saw the moon and thought it looked weird.

20 Jul 2003, 22:55
@Avil: eclipse was in May :)

21 Jul 2003, 20:42
then I´m just more stupid then I thought..hahahahaha

21 Jul 2003, 21:42
@Avil: only distracted :) a few days ago there was a nice full moon ;)

21 Jul 2003, 22:54
Yeah I guess that´s what I saw. It was just sooo different from the full moons we use to have...

09 Nov 2003, 00:23
Very cool lunar eclipse tonight! About a third covered now but will be a total one in about half an hour [smile]

09 Nov 2003, 12:25
I saw it - it was red!

09 Nov 2003, 13:23
Wouldn't you bloody know it? At the total part of it, I was asleep [cry] But my son awoke and saw it and said it was awesome!

09 Nov 2003, 14:43
[cry]The sky was all covered with clouds... Murphy's Law

09 Nov 2003, 21:37
I saw it! I saw it! I saw it! [jump2]

Even though it was mostly cloudy, I managed to see a part of it... [love2]

09 Nov 2003, 22:18
Well... one day I'll see eclipse too... one day... [smile2]

I remember one lunar when I was in school. My father woke me up to see red moon [smile2]

11 Nov 2003, 05:59
As I got back from Diary Of Dreams first concert here in Cape Town at about 3 in the morning I also saw it. It was a bit cloudy. Tried to take a picture, but my camera is not that great.