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07 Apr 2001, 10:34
Hey everyone! I was wondering if any of you have Romeos or mysteries of love either on 12" or CD5? i recently got a hold of both promo discs! However, promos don't have covers and i wanted to print one for myself to make it look nicer. If you do, i would kindly ask you to scan them for me? Thanks.

Streetside Romeo
09 Apr 2001, 13:43
Hej! You want to spread my fame?
This song is mine - go for it to bomb your DJs with!
Streetside Romeo

"We know that we know what we know - is it truth?"

11 Mar 2010, 07:01
I wanted the mixes of the Romeos US 12" in high quality mp3.
can somebody send me? (Tribal, Balcony, Teknopella mixes)