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08 Feb 2001, 21:54
I wonder why no one has discussed this fantastic band from the 80īs. There was a story not long ago here in Copenhagen at a venue called VEGA. They announced that Frankie were coming to play, but it turned out to be a coverband, and the concert was cancelled, because VEGA was not informed about this fact.

What a pity, I would have loved to see Frankie live, all those great tunes. "The power of love" is my favorite, but "Two Tribes" and "Relax" are classics in the best sense of the word...


09 Feb 2001, 01:06
Frankie is great! It's a pity that they don't make music anymore! <img src=icon_smile_dissapprove.gif border=0 align=middle> "Relax" and "The Power of love" are fantastic tunes!

09 Feb 2001, 05:07
They were great<img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>! The first music I bought was Welcome to the Pleasuredome.

poul e
09 Feb 2001, 06:58
Yes FGTH were great. Almost all songs on "Welcome to the pleasuredome" are really good, but I donīt like their follow-up album that much. Isnīt it called "Watching the wildlife"?

My favourite FGTH song is "Relax". I remember they first released the song and it went nowhere. But then they had a musicvideo for the song banned and it went no. 1 in England and stayed there 5 or 6 weeks!

By the way the lead singer Holly Johnson also made a couple of good songs "Americanos" and "The love train".

09 Feb 2001, 10:32
They did release a double few months ago
including the 'best of' and remixes .

09 Feb 2001, 14:20
Holly Johnsson released a cd -99 called "soulstream" but i dont think itīs easy to find.

09 Feb 2001, 14:26
Relax have very funny lyrics...
Iīm coming, Iīm coming...*s*

-Iīm your best friend-the dream-

13 Feb 2001, 19:50
in 1984-5 you could not go to a club in the bay area without hearing it....

13 Feb 2001, 19:55

Do you have any other info about this ?

quote:Originally posted by magnus:

Holly Johnsson released a cd -99 called "soulstream" but i dont think itīs easy to find.


15 Feb 2001, 21:20
I've heard rumors about Holly having HIV!? Is this true?

15 Feb 2001, 23:12
Did you know, that FGTH first band name was; BIG IN JAPAN??

16 Feb 2001, 17:28
No way?? Really?!

-Iīm your best friend-the dream-

19 Aug 2003, 13:07
I saw an interview with the lead singer: Holly Johnson, heīs apparently still active: http://www.hollyjohnson.com/

19 Aug 2003, 14:15
I got a single cd of FGTH, "Relax"

1. Relax (Sex Mix)
2. Ferry Across The Mersey
3. Relax

Those good old days....

19 Aug 2003, 21:49
I only heard Relax...

19 Aug 2003, 21:55
Yeah Holly Johnson is HIV positive - he seems to cope with it ok.

FGTH - reminds me of when I started to go out with my mates after school...[laugh] Great memories!

19 Aug 2003, 22:00
This site is excellent:


20 Aug 2003, 09:17
Thanks Willy

It's very nice to hear again their music!

20 Aug 2003, 10:40
There was probably no other band on this planet, who released so many different song-versions like them and even got very successful with that excessive realization.
Most of their 12"s are really worth listening. But: Forget about the remixes they didnīt make
themselves (or should one say Trevor Horn, though itīs definately not true that FgtH were an artificial product). My favourite: Relax - New York Mix
Very funny: Klaus Schulzeīs Mix of Watching The Wildlife (called Beobachtungen Im Wilden Leben).

20 Aug 2003, 11:20
I remember a 12" version of "Warriors of the Wasteland" where the guitar was played by a famous guitarist (donīt remember which), but that version was fantastic!!! Iīve been looking for it since 1986 or so...

20 Aug 2003, 12:12
That was Gary Moore. Excellent version indeed.

20 Aug 2003, 12:15
Yeah thatīs right - do you have it ????????? I havenīt heard it since the good old 80s.

20 Aug 2003, 12:17
Sure. If I come to Zwickau, whatīs not sure at the moment, Iīll bring it with me.

20 Aug 2003, 12:18
Yeah do that - thanks...

02 Nov 2004, 15:51
Check out this, folks: www.trevorhorn.com

02 Nov 2004, 17:23
interesting indeed......

12 Dec 2004, 11:44
Found today on a market this maxi single:

Relax - Remix by Rebel X and Vector S

Contain these songs:

Relax 89 - Club Mix
Relax 89 - Inner Style Mix
Relax 89 - Detroit Remix

Seems to be a production made in Belgium?

24 May 2008, 22:21
Well, imagine hearing Frankie Goes To Hollywood - "The Power of Love " unplugged and with strings (which like I love so much) ? Good old Holly did it only 2 years ago:


24 May 2008, 23:19
Yeah. It was on a solo album he released a couple of years ago. I still prefer the original though.

24 Jun 2009, 19:15
According to Daily Mirror FGTH will reunite with a comeback tour! I really hope this is true. That would be amazing!

24 Jun 2009, 21:44
Cool, I would go anywhere to see Frankie live, let's keep an eye of this.....

25 Jun 2009, 00:18
Nooooooo! Not another cheesy 80s/90s band reuniting! [bah]

25 Jun 2009, 01:01
As long as there is nothing new at http://www.fgth.org.uk/ I won't believe it.

25 Jun 2009, 10:11
Nooooooo! Not another cheesy 80s/90s band reuniting! [bah]

There are worst things in live than that!

05 Jan 2011, 17:26
I only recently had the idea to have a look for some more solo stuff of Holly Johnson. Those who don't know about his last solo album Soulstream might like to have a listen to at:

I don't find it specially spectacular although his voice still is a burner. But Legendary Children is pretty funny...

Interesting biography on that site btw. too...