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03 Feb 2001, 13:18
They got some really nice songs .

03 Feb 2001, 23:49
Big in Japan...*hehehehe*

*I´m your best friend-the dream*

31 Mar 2015, 15:07
I remember an radio-interview in 89/90 with MG, where he was asked to present a few of his personal favorite-songs/artists ...one of them which then immediately sparked my highest interest was the marvelous song ´orpheus´ by the up to that moment to me still completely unknown DAVID SYLVIAN... to make a long story short – before his solo-carrier he was the singer, songwriter and founding member of a band called JAPAN which released 1980, between their first two stilistically largely undecided and musically somewhat immature albums and their last imho rather over-ambitious one, two excellent albums which I would highly recommend to anyone who loves artfully synth-pop with enchanting vocals.

18 Apr 2015, 21:58
Well, ok I must admit, synth-pop, of course isn´t the best description of that style... the intended emphasis was anyway rather on ´artfully´ and ´excellent´.
Probably more suitable: ´Artistically sophisticated pop from the era of New Wave´.

Somebody once said (don´t remember who it was):

"Talking about music, is like dancing about architecture"

02 Jan 2016, 20:52
LOVE JAPAN! I didn't hear them for the first time until the 2000's, but it felt like coming home. I often go to sleep listening to the "Oil on Canvas" album.