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17 Mar 2011, 17:52
Hi im a massive alphaville fan in the uk i have all their cds but so want the new one but amazon uk are asking 22 pounds very expensive as its only 15 euros on amazon.de !! How do i get it from Germany ???

17 Mar 2011, 17:54
Hi Mike and welcome to the forum.

You can get Catching Rays On Giant from amazon.co.uk. a lot cheaper than 22 quid:

If you get it from Germany, you'd have to pay more for the shipping which would put the cost up. However, if you really want to buy from Germany, amazon.de has info to help you in English:

17 Mar 2011, 18:02
Thankyou so much just ordered for 15 including postage i cant wait to hear i Die For you !! i love Alphaville should be massive in uk like modern talking should have been !!!!

17 Mar 2011, 18:06
No probs. Glad to help. Agree about Alphaville! They should have been huge and not only left it at Big In Japan.

(not so sure about Modern Talking though...)

17 Mar 2011, 18:09
Did I DIE FOR YOU get to number 1 in Germany ?? and has the new album sold well ???

17 Mar 2011, 18:16
No, the single got to number 15 and the album to number 9 which is not bad. The album has just re-entered the charts in Germany at number 50 and the new single, Song For No One, has just entered the official singles charts also at number 50.

18 Mar 2011, 03:04
sad news, I expected that the single SFNON would get best place on chart