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28 Jan 2001, 21:38
Heard a songion a club the other day ...
It had fast beats, and sounds like Beborn .
I remember few words :
"And I guess that we'll be making history
... for a moment "
and there are background voices talking
and a sound of a phone/fax machine .

Please, If you know it : Band/song name
(I wish Frog was here, he's a spop pro.)

29 Jan 2001, 03:16
That's Apoptygma Berzerk. The song is called
Starsign and it's off the album Welcome To The Earth. It's a fantastic album!! They're on Metropolois. I suggest you check it out. Their 7 album is really good too. I love the song Non stop Violence from it.

But I guess we will be making history
when we all join hands
To watch the sky
For a moment..

Our selfish lives have made us all go blind..

Hope that helps!

Tara : )

29 Jan 2001, 20:14
If you only had an idea of how greatful I am

29 Jan 2001, 20:15
"Thank you ! Thank you very much !
You made me very happy !"

29 Jan 2001, 21:36

*I´m your best friend-the dream*

29 Jan 2001, 21:44
the amaizing SNAAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avihai: you're a lucky guy ! it took me a few years till i found out about BIJ... long story :)

@ville - forever and ever.

30 Jan 2001, 09:42
Yep, it's a quote from Stark Naked ( yafe Adi ! ) . I've read your looooong story of
AV discover, so hey ! you could actually search the net for "Big In Japan" and finish the whole story :) !

30 Jan 2001, 10:07
To Dingerz :
1) Are you the name of the song is Starsign ???
2) What did you mean : "They're on Metropolis" ?

31 Jan 2001, 00:15
Oh, when I said they're on Metropolis, I meant the record company. But that's only for North America. But you're in Europe aren't you? If you go to the following webpage:


It'll let you know all about the band and where to get the albums. And yes, the song with the lyrics similar to what you posted is called Starsign. I don't know of any other song with lyrics like that.

Tara : )

31 Jan 2001, 12:29
ok, I'll check again.

31 Jan 2001, 18:01

I was wrong - it's called Eclipse. Duh, sorry Starsign was the other hit and I wasn't thinking. So check out Eclipse, you'll find that's the song you want!!

Starsign is track 2 from Welcome to The Earth
Eclipse is track 3 from Welcome To The Earth.

Tara : )

31 Jan 2001, 21:24
ye ! now we're talking !

07 Feb 2001, 17:09
ECLIPSE? well, i've downloaded STARSIGN and its pretty cool ! now its time to download the other song i guess <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

07 Feb 2001, 20:50
Ohh these are so good ! try Kathy's song.

07 Feb 2001, 22:11
Next try Mourn and Non-Stop Violence : )

Then go out and buy one of their albums!

Tara : Þ

08 Feb 2001, 09:59
She won't find their albums in Israel <img src=icon_smile_dissapprove.gif border=0 align=middle>

08 Feb 2001, 14:12
GOD BLESS THE NAPSTER <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

08 Feb 2001, 16:48
Guys, you don't have to worry about finding the albums in your country. That's what orderng online is for!

Go to places like www.cdnow.com, www.amazon.com or www.adifferentdrum.com.
All of these places you can get the CD's and they'll be delivered straight to your door!

The Apoptygma Berzerk album with Eclipse and Starsign is called Welcome to the Earth. The other album I highly suggest you check out is called "7"

Tara : )

17 Sep 2002, 22:10
Can someone help me to identify a song...

It's a 80's sound popsong...
the refrain sounds with a female voice:

"I call you, I call you...
...where were you last night?"

I'm trying to find that out!! Please help me!


18 Sep 2002, 07:23
Wait... i got it!
Ankie Bagger - Where Were You Last Night


poul e
18 Sep 2002, 07:26
No wonder I didnīt know that Mathias! Iīve never heard that song! Is it really from the 80s???


18 Sep 2002, 08:39
Yes itīs from the 80īs....nice song.

By the way...do someone here know something about a band with the name Corp New something....<img src=icon_smile_question.gif border=0 align=middle><img src=icon_smile_question.gif border=0 align=middle><img src=icon_smile_question.gif border=0 align=middle>

The hade a song with the name Smile I think.....someone <img src=icon_smile_question.gif border=0 align=middle>

http://w1.471.telia.com/~u47104026/webbilder/logotype.gif (http://www.krapplund.com)

08 Oct 2002, 22:46
help me with the years... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease...

Erasure "I love to hate you"
Rick Astley "Together forever"
Doors "Light my fire"
Cher "The shoop shoop song"
Gorky Park "Moscow calling"
Eurythmics "Sweet dreams"
Roxette "The look"


08 Oct 2002, 23:38
quote:Originally posted by Alien

help me with the years... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease...

Erasure "I love to hate you":
Off of "Chorus" 09/09/91

Rick Astley "Together forever":
Off of the album "Whenever You Need Somebody" 1987

Doors "Light my fire":
On May 27, 1967, Light My Fire debuted in Billboard Magazine's "Hit Parade at #29 and climbed to #1 on July 29, 1967
LMF was recorded at the psychedelic Sunset Sound Studio in L.A., in psychedelic September of '66, right after Labor Day, and released during the first week of January 1967.

Cher "The shoop shoop song":

Gorky Park "Moscow calling":
Off of "Moscow Calling" 1993

Eurythmics "Sweet dreams":
Off of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" 1983

Roxette "The look":
Off of "Look Sharp" 1988


08 Oct 2002, 23:56
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

09 Oct 2002, 21:17
You're very welcome love!

09 Oct 2002, 22:22
warning Trent! I may come up with more songs/years... [smile2]

10 Oct 2002, 01:12
Throw them at me Elena...I love a challenge and to research...Give me your best shot =)

10 Oct 2002, 22:41
ok Trent... specially for you [smile2]

Haddaway "Life"

Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting "All for love"

Genesis "Jesus he knows me"

Sting "Englishman in New York" ooooh-hooo I'm an alien... I'm a little alien...

sound garden "black hole sun" or something like that...

billy idol "speed"

enough for today :)

11 Oct 2002, 01:59
HAHA Ok...here goes:

quote:Originally posted by Alien

ok Trent... specially for you [smile2]

Haddaway "Life": Life (Everybody Needs Somebody To Love)
(Haddaway, 1993) Of off the self titled album

Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting "All for love": Jan. 1994
All For Love
by Brian Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting

Genesis "Jesus he knows me": Off of "We Can't Dance", 1991

Sting "Englishman in New York": Original Release Date: 01/01/1987

sound garden "black hole sun": 1994

billy idol "speed": 07/26/1994 (I think this one is correct...it could also be 08/30/94)

enough for today :)

11 Oct 2002, 21:58
thanks again!

02 Nov 2002, 20:05
this time I need help with the name of the song... and singer as well...

who can solve this riddle?

singer's name Jeanette or something like that... that song was covered by Masterboy a couple of years ago... and it was in movie with Geraldine Chaplin which title was translated to russian something like "feed a crow"...

so funny... I heard it on the radio today... and now I know what the song it was - Jeanette "Porque te vas".

03 Nov 2002, 13:42
I still need help with a song.

The name of the group are something like this: Corp New Evel
And the name of the song: Smile

Can someone help me???

03 Nov 2002, 22:49
Iīm working for amazon.de and I was searching for "new evel"

Found this:
"New Level", "Ground Level" and "Another Level"

Visit http://www.amazon.de ... If you think, one of my searching results might be the right one - just tell me.
If you find the right one at &lt;http://amazon.com&gt; or at &lt;http://www.amazon.co.uk&gt; - please order there.

quote:Originally posted by Krapplund

I still need help with a song.

The name of the group are something like this: Corp New Evel
And the name of the song: Smile

Can someone help me???

04 Nov 2002, 08:52
I will take a look.....thanks!

11 Nov 2002, 23:22
*with the sweetest voice*
Trent... would you like to help me with the years again?

mark almond - adored and explored
kylie minogue - locomotion
queen - princes of the universe
rednex - cotton eye joe
seal - crazy
lauren christy - the color of the night
desireless - voyage voyage
london beat - i've been thinking about you


12 Nov 2002, 13:47
do you mind if I help?

Marc Almond - Adored and Explored, 1995
Kylie Minogue - Locomotion, 1987
Queen - Princes of the Universe, 1986 (Highlander soundtrack)
Rednex - Cotton Eyed Joe, 1995
Seal - Crazy, 1991
Lauren Christy - The Color of the night, 1994
Desireless - Voyage, Voyage; 1986
Londonbeat - I've been thinking about you, 1991

...there you go! =)
(and Trent, I hope you aren't sad that I kinda "stole" your job :) I've just got nothing to do [smile2])

12 Nov 2002, 22:28
Thank you micki! [smile2]

*be back with more*

13 Nov 2002, 21:45
here is more

mylene farmer - regrets
east 17 -it's alright
berlin - the flames
coolio - gangsta's paradise
garbage - milk + stupid girl (i think it's the same year)
los del rio - macarena
bon jovi - keep the faith
scorpions - send me an angel
RHCP - under the bridge
sandra - secret land

enough for today... I dare you!

13 Nov 2002, 23:06
quote:Originally posted by Alien

here is more

mylene farmer - regrets - 1991 album L'autre

east 17 -it's alright - 1993

berlin - the flames (I think you mean Like Flames - 1986 album Count Three & Pray

coolio - gangsta's paradise - 1995 album Gangsta's Paradise

garbage - milk + stupid girl (i think it's the same year) - 1995 album Garbage

los del rio - macarena - 1996

bon jovi - keep the faith - 1992 album Keep The Faith

scorpions - send me an angel - 1990 album Crazy World

RHCP - under the bridge - 1991 album Blood Sugar Sex Magik

sandra - secret land - 2000 album Into A Secret Land

enough for today... I dare you!

14 Nov 2002, 21:33
thank you again!

yeah. it was like flames. *someone can't read her own handwriting*

I hope I'm not annoying you with all my year-questions!

14 Nov 2002, 22:53
If it was annoying to me...I wouldn't take the time to search for this shite..it actually makes me feel needed =) And gives me something to do =)

15 Nov 2002, 11:13
I think I'll bring up more cos that stupid program still doesn't give years to videos!

23 Nov 2002, 22:31
another songs without years... hehee... it's becoming some kinda quiz... winner gets hug&kiss from [alien]

shania twain - that don't impress me much
backstreet boys - everybody yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah.... rock ya body yeaaaaaah
eagles - hotel california (i need year for video)
jerry lee lewis - great balls on fire (hmmm... didn't know i have it on video... don't remember recording it... what the hell is it doing on my tape)
Culturebeat - Mr. Vain
Jan & Spoon feat. Plavka - Right in the night
Elvis Presley - Blue suede shoes (video from 80s maybe)
Billy idol - shock to the system
living in a box - livin in a box

of course I could find some of them myself but my connection is way to slow lately.. I could remember some of them too but my memory went off...

and... if you don't know year for video say for song...

anyone? i dare you again! [smile2]

26 Oct 2003, 18:52
Ok, I have a strange question.

Got a cd, that is recognised by RealOne as:

Elvis Costello
An Overview Disc [Interview]

One track -&gt; Interview With Elvis Costello By Peter Doggett - time = 1:18:27

This is how it looks:


What is this?

26 Oct 2003, 20:41
It is a promotional stuff, JP, and you are very lucky to have this. It is an interview-CD and it is spread only by record companies to different medias - newspapers, magazines, radio stations, etc. - to be able to interpret this interview (or parts of this interview). So, you are really very lucky to have it! [thumbup] It is a real rarity!

11 Feb 2004, 19:09
You feel like Steve Mc Queen
when your driving in your car!
And you think you look like James Bond
when your smoking your cigarre!

And ??? Who is this??

11 Feb 2004, 19:23
And One - Driving with my darling - from 1994.

I have it on 5" CD single - fun song, great synth !


Itīs actually a coverversion, I have the original somewhere...

11 Feb 2004, 21:21
Can anybody help me find a song ? I need the sound file ...

Liz Fraser - Take Me Wih You

11 Feb 2004, 21:27
@ Alex

Did a search for the song on winmx and found a few songs by that name but not with that artist. Artists include the Rippingtons, Cosmos...anything to do with this??

11 Feb 2004, 22:22
@FallenAngel: Harpo - Moviestar

12 Feb 2004, 05:22
thanks Kaz, I found that stuff on kazaa as well, but it has nothing to do with it ... The song appeared at the end of the movie The Winter Guest ...

12 Feb 2004, 12:19
Ok Alex. Sorry I couldn't help :-(

15 Feb 2004, 19:34
I need some help here....

Iīm looking after songs by the german band; Eisleben

Songs I want to hear is:

- Tanz Die Illusion
- Du (sounds like a boytronicīs song You)

But of course all other songs that someone have here at the forum. THANKS!!

Homepage: www.eisleben-web.de (http://www.eisleben-web.de)

Recention: www.e-lectric.de (http://www.e-lectric.de/rezensionen/eisleben.html)

15 Feb 2004, 22:04
I have Tanz die Illusion. It's great!!!!
Contact me on ICQ. The single is sold out, by the way.

16 Feb 2004, 11:06
@Jonatan: GREAT!!! I have been listening to the sound-clip all the day yesterday...

Yes I saw that A Diffrent Drum have the single....

17 Feb 2004, 18:55
Can someone identify this?

"Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive and the world turning inside out Yeah!
And floating around in ecstasy
So don't stop me now don't stop me
'Cause I'm having a good time having a good time"

17 Feb 2004, 19:35
Queen -- Don't stop me now.

17 Feb 2004, 20:07
Yep, that's it Malila [smile]

18 Feb 2004, 13:11
A new guessing game? [smile]

01 Mar 2004, 12:29
And now a strange one....

Does someone knows what this is?

Alphaville - New Wave Long Megamix (Dj Marcio Levi Mix)

Someone told me that she heard that on the radio and that is was a disco remix...

poul e
01 Mar 2004, 16:18
@FallenAngel: It's an Alphaville Megamix made by DJ Marcio Levi. There's both a short and a long version. And they are actually not bad....

01 Mar 2004, 16:36
And where can I find it???

09 May 2004, 11:07
Found back an old music cassette.

On the label there is mentionned 'Mindscan' and 'Oblivion'.

Can someone help me to find more about this group?

poul e
19 Nov 2004, 13:41
I heard an 80s song on a satelitte radio station today that I never heard before. The chorus is something like this:

Oh Mama can't you tell
if you want my love
will you ring my bell

I think the title must be "Ring my bell" but it's certainly not the one by "Anita Ward".

Can anyone help??? The song is great and I would like to get it somehow!! [smile]

19 Nov 2004, 14:04
Easy one...itīs Lili & Sussie - Oh Mama

They are from Sweden.

Oh Mama can't you tell
Oh Mama can't you tell
If it was my love
Will you ring my bell?

poul e
19 Nov 2004, 16:34
Thanx Krapplund!! I guess it's easy when you are from Sweden [wink] I doubt that to many "non-Swedes" will be able to answer that question! [smile2]

Now to find that song somewhere.....

26 Nov 2004, 11:22
Maybe not to identify a song... but an entire cd...

Since I lost my file with my collection of cd's I am forced to recreate it from scratch... and while I am doing this I am also cleaning up...

Found this cd :

'DEVOTED Songs by Gerry DeVeaux'

There are 16 tracks of it, and if I understand it well, the songs are sung by different groups/singers but are all written by Gerry DeVeaux'.

I can see names as Chaka Khan, Vanessa Paradis, Juliet Roberts, Kylie Minogue, .. and a few sung by Gerry or together with other artists.

Also I saw on the cd sleeve 'For Promotional use only not for resale'.

Something interesting this cd?

28 Sep 2005, 02:44
Anyone know about the song Okay, ma si va la with Donna Felicita. I've been looking all over for it, but haven't found it or anyone that knows about it!!

22 Oct 2006, 22:43
Can anyone think of another song about Egypt or Egyptians, besides Walk Like an Egyptian? I'm trying to think of one my 6th graders could perform in 4 weeks (they're studying ancient Egypt in history), and wonder if there are any other options.

23 Oct 2006, 02:10
I've known there is some Kate Bush's song named Egypt...

And there is Giuseppe Verdi's opera Aida (Tim Rice made a pop version of it with Elton John) [smile2]

But maybe for children it would be nicer something from Prince of Egypt movie soundtrack. [smile]

23 Oct 2006, 14:29
I rather think for children it's best to please them with the album "Powerslave" by
Iron Maiden, which has an overall Egyptian theme. [smile2]

23 Oct 2006, 18:12
Egypt by Kate Bush is cool and very mysterious (from the Never For Ever album). Sums up Egypt for me. Would make a great performance piece.