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15 Feb 2008, 15:48
At last it was time again. And again it was time to collect Jocke, Maria and Krapplund with the car but this time not at the Shell petrol station by Ullevi in Gothenburg. And not with a rented WV mini-buss like usual, this time with my secure Golf. The goal was the train station in Trollhättan to collect the birds and continue towards the ferry berth in Strömstad. Rain and more rain, and for the day are Jocke driving the car because Håkan’s hangover from the night before. Patrik alias Töcksfors did call in the beginning of the trip to inform how’s everything went. And this calls showed that it went to other concernment all the way in Värmland to Strömstad, the road was full of cars and roadworks. At last it went good for him, the boat hade 10-15 minutes delay and that saved Töcksfors to be stranded in Sweden. And everyone went happy and content on the boat!

After three hours the boat made land in Langesund and after seven years we got the chance to see the picturesque count with the white wooden house, where we got the fan meeting 2000. Nostalgia looks for everyone! After a typical Norwegian delay we could after thirty minutes take the car on land, where we got received with a sweeping Swedish flag in the harbour. Hello Svein-Erik! After three years we at last meet again. After a short and fast trip we arrived to Stathelle where we got accommodate in Svein-Erik’s marvellous nice renovated house. When desires about food come up, Håkan wasn’t late to wish thai-/asian food, so we ordered some superb food from a wok restaurant in Porsgrunn some kilometers away and got a great supper. Everyone was happy and content!

In spirit of that it was raining in the beginning of Wednesday we hade a beautiful walk to the Stathelle city center, where Joachim ascertain that we where maybe looking at one of the worlds beautiful panorama from a car-park, that just hade to eternalise for the future. During the afternoon Patrik and the Söröy brothers joined the awaited taco-buffet in Svein-Erik summer house, that’s in Norway are one outside place with shelter for example to BBQ-partys. Together with some delicate beers from Germany/Norway/Sweden and Belgium we travelled to the concert in a full loaded city-buss, with Alphaville screaming fans everywhere! Jocke and me ascertain that it was a long time ago that we where so in mood!

At the concert-area that was outside it was crowded and everyone looked happy. The rumours said that the Gylne Tider show should begin round 9 e.m. And that was right. Most of the people that hade been at Svein-Erik’s place was in the front-row. One after another of the artists pass by, first it was the Gyldne Tider Trio that was singing “Sommeren -84”. Than it was Katrina (Ex K. and the Waves) and after Tony Hadley, Return and the surprise for the evening that was Mattis Hætta when he performed his “joik” Samiid Ædnan. Everyone was singing along the artists, but than it was a small break and time for Alphaville to entry the stage. We screamed when Mr Martin Lister entry the stage at first and David and Mattes joined after.

Alphaville-time! First song was “Big in Japan” and it was a long intro before Marian entry the stage and everyone screamed. For me it was a feeling like the time stopped and Marian performed the song great. The crowed screamed between the first and second song that was “Sounds like a Melody” but when the third song started EVERYONE did sing along the song that was “Forever Young”. What a feeling when over 2000 persons singing along and that was what they did. Than all other artist joined the stage and did sing along with Marian and the audience. A great feeling but I have preferred that Marian hade performed the song alone. Overall it was a good concert but my self should have seen some more songs from the 80´s, it was anyway a 80´s-show that the Gylne Tider hade put together to the audience. After the show we attempt to get some minutes with Alphaville to talk and get some photos together with them, but they where in hurry on the way to interviews with TV and newspapers. So just to travel back to Svein-Erik’s place and talk about the evening and the show. We talked and hade some beers to the late hours.

After a delightful Norway-trip it was time to travel back to Sweden again where the next funny thing happened around the ferry company Kystlink. Despite that Jocke showed the print out with the reservation to the 18-year old summer girl at the check-in could no tickets be discharged for us. After 15 minutes argue with six people that where working with our reservation, we could leave and join the boat as last car and the spars could close and the boat start her journey. Those Norwegians… Never a journey without tomfooleries and dramatic with New Horizons. Anyway it makes that you remember all those journeys with extra big joy. Now I hope to see you all again on next concert/release-party or what it will now will be.



By: Håkan Andersson & Peter Krappinger

18 Feb 2008, 07:29
Well, I was actually the one who arrived with the "Sørøy brothers" as Patrik was already there when we arrived [wink]

Come to think of it, I'm not mentioned anywhere so maybe I wasn't there at all [tonque] But then again, I did see someone on the DVD who looked a lot like me...