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01 Jan 2001, 23:12
Calypso... the synths are dancing together with me!!
Can't stop...

M. Härdin

11 Jan 2001, 02:10
My favourite album is &quot;Zoolook&quot; It's a little bit weird the at first, but after a while it's really great! Love the Fairlight's sounds <img src=icon_smile_approve.gif border=0 align=middle>

11 Jan 2001, 02:41
I think the best are his 2 first albums: &quot;Oxygene&quot; and &quot;Equinoxe&quot;.

11 Jan 2001, 06:51
I agree with you David, they are fantastic!

Jeremy Jung
11 Jan 2001, 07:48
Jean Michel Jarre...
One of the greatest artists on earth.
I have some number of his albums.
Well, except the regular albums, I have the remix album &quot;Jarremix&quot;. It has worthy to listen.
Jeremy Jung

18 Jun 2001, 22:17

Equinoxe is a really great album!
Especially "Equinoxe Part 4 & 5"

Anyone who has been on a Jarre-consert?


18 Jun 2001, 22:22
Yeah, also "Equinoxe Part 3", is among my favorites. Great album. A true masterpiece!

Yes Ive been to a Jarre concert in 1997. It was the very first concert of his "Oxygene 7-13" tour in Copenhagen. It was great!!!

18 Jun 2001, 22:27
I really love the "Concerts In China". Had the double album on vinyl for many years, and now on CD - listen to it often.

check the official site:




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19 Jun 2001, 11:33
Imagine if Alphaville set up a show like Jean Michel Jarre!
I think he is the God of synthesizers!
Reservations for Mr Mertens <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>



20 Jun 2001, 08:06
I really want to have "12 dreams of the sun" on DVD.... that's the concert he held by the pyramids at the new millenium.

I'm a danger in your paradise.

22 Jun 2001, 21:56
Sorry if i step on any ones toos, but AV`s music is not(in my mind)music that is to be performed on venues like JJR playes on.
The AV music is to complex, but the music of JJR is quit "simpel".
And her`s were you throw a punsh at me, he he you missed. <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle><img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

22 Jun 2001, 22:21
I agree with you Sten. AV's music is much more poetic than Jarre's. In lyric but also in the music. The poetry would get lost in a show like that.

24 Jun 2001, 09:59
You got a point there <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>


05 Jul 2001, 21:55
Hey....I'm livieng to the right of the last picture....(near Paris...La Défense) and I love too JMJ !!!

http://www.multimania.com/addison/images/navigation/ADDISON03.gif (http://www.addison.fr.st)

10 Nov 2001, 15:15
Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygene - part IV" is one of the songs that I list among my classic 80's synth faves, and the musicvideo (with all those penguins and everything); It's soo cute!!!...<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>...

"the 80's child"

10 Nov 2001, 17:31
Some questions:

1. How old is he?
2. Is he still active?
3. Best song worth listening to?

~/~/~Crystal vibrations~/~/~

20 Nov 2001, 08:21
[quote]Originally posted by Avil:

Some questions:

1. How old is he?

If I'm right, he is 53.

2. Is he still active?

Yes, 1 year ago he released album Metamorphoses, but I dont like it - it is very different from his previous albums. But his concerts are still great.

3. Best song worth listening to?
It is hard to say - everybody like something else. My favourite album is Chronologie, also Zoolook or Revolutions are great.


24 Aug 2002, 11:38
I can recommend

i listen to that masterpiece 2-3 time/day



24 Aug 2002, 12:54
A very great album indeed.

Anybody going to the Jarre concert 7th september in Denmark? It's going to be huge!

24 Aug 2002, 14:23
I was searching for someone to go with, but unfortunatly I did'nt find any.
I really want to see the AERO concert!!


..but now I can't...
I want to see how spectacular he sets the wind powerplants in laserbeams!
I really want that Sweden have more wind so we could sets more Wind kraftwerk in action. I think they're beautiful!


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poul e
25 Aug 2002, 13:10
@Hardin: I´m really sorry that I can´t go with you. I wish I could afford to go, but right now my finances are pretty poor. I don´t even know how to be able to come to the fanmeeting in 3 weeks time, but I hope to find a way!

I´m sure the JMJ show will be great. His shows always are. I´m not that big a fan of his music though. I prefer bands/artists who sing to the music. The occasional instrumental song is okay though.

My favourite JMJ tracks are Oxygene, Equinoxe and Rendez Vous. I don´t remember which numbers though. It could be number 4 of each of them, but I´m not sure.


25 Aug 2002, 14:33
@poul: no problem poul :)
I can't afford it either right now...
see you in Hönö <img src=icon_smile_shock.gif border=0 align=middle>


30 Aug 2002, 13:20
aah... only 8 days left! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle> Can't wait to see the show! Looking forward to see safriduo play in the back on ... eeh..!? the samba track ..thingy....

03 Sep 2002, 19:09
Does anybody know the album called "the magnetic fields" (les champs magnétiques)? I love this album too as well as "équinoxe" and "oxygène".


04 Sep 2002, 08:27
oh yeah... another great album! :)

11 Sep 2002, 08:45
Aero... very cold... alot of mud... and alot of rain... but damn it was great!!! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

11 Sep 2002, 09:18
A visual feast. ...oh yeah the music was great too. There is talk about releasing the concert on cd next year.

22 Jan 2003, 07:51
Has anybody heard his new album "Sessions 2000"? I saw it in a recordshop yesterday and wondered, why I hadn´t heard anything about the release.

22 Jan 2003, 09:48
I have hard pieces of that record... It's very unusual Jarrealbum.
A lots of Jazz instrumental. Not very good, to compare to the classic Jarre sound.
I think you can listen to it on http://www.jarre.net

22 Jan 2003, 11:22
Usually I would have bought it, like I always did with new Jarre CDs in the past. But after Metamorphoses I´m not so sure anymore, if I will like it... I will check out his site first, thanks for this hint!

03 Apr 2005, 10:19
Yesterday I saw Jean Michel Jarre perform at the HC Andersen celebration at the Parken stadium in Danmark....

Nice but nothing for me [wink]

03 Apr 2005, 15:59
Well, I've been to a Jean Michel Jarre concert. It was in 93, in Sevilla. The venue took place at the 1992 Universal Exposition Park. Actually the stage was situated in the middle of this huge lagoon, or better call it little lake. Around this lake were situated all the differents buildings of the differents countries. Very impresive lights and sounds presentation. Spectacular. The concert was after he published his album "Chronologie" (I love this number..), but of course all the mayor hits were played. Great concert, maybe around 200-250.000 attended. Nothing ever seen anything like that after that.
A few years later when I was working at the aiport in Spain, I had the great pleasure to meet Jean Michel Jarre. He was travelling with Air France, and I was in charge of that gate. I told him that I saw him "live" a few years ago, and he smiled and answered me "very kind of you". Of course he was preboarded, Mr. Jarre. Actually in another post I may write down all the famous people I've met thanks to my job, incluiding the danish royal family, Ronaldinho, some Abba memmbers, Sean Connery, etc, well it would be quiet a long list.
Unfortunately it wasn't possible to meet Marian Gold after his concert here in CPH last year. It will be another time..

20 Aug 2005, 17:50
To me Jean Michel Jarre is the king of instrumental music. In my collection are his concert in China (Les concerts en Chine) and one-part album "The very best of.."
I'm really enjoying his arrival to Poland this year in the next week[smile] I'm really looking forward to see him, even only in TV[wink]

29 Aug 2005, 13:41
His performance in Poland in honour to 25th anniversary "SolidarnoϾ" made me a really strong impression[smile]And what's count he really doesn't look as he's 57[smile2]

07 Feb 2008, 23:28

Today I bought my ticket to the concert in Stockholm 4/4.
Can't wait [tonque]
Never see him before

08 Feb 2008, 19:41
I saw him in 1988 I think in London's Docklands. One of those big concerts with images projected onto factories and skyscrapers. I was very impressed. Now I prefer Alphaville concerts rather that events with hundreds of thousands of people. One of my friends is going to his concert in the Albert Hall in London this year and she's excited.

06 Apr 2008, 11:44
I heard that the concerts that was performed in Sweden and Denmark this week was so GREAT!!!!!!!!

@Hardin: You was in stockholm, or i´m wrong??? What do you think???

07 Apr 2008, 14:49
Yes, I was there!
Fantastic concert! It was very pure and minimalistic. Only vintage synthesizers and focus on the instruments.
Also beautiful lightshow on the syhths... then a gigantic mirror over the equipments!
For a "synthnerd" as me, it was alsost a religious experience.

07 Apr 2008, 16:53
I have to give Fredlund a call, i think he also was at the gig....

07 Apr 2008, 19:27
I didn't go to see the concert, but I have the "live in your livingroom" DVD and that's pretty amazing. Its synthesizer porn!

10 Apr 2008, 15:07
11th April 23:00 you can look at a documentary with Jean Michel Jarre on TV7 in sweden.
And it goes in reprise several times this week.....


23 Sep 2008, 22:01
Jarre is my favourite, and oxygene is his best album. This is how i would rank the songs.

#1: Oxygene II: Best instrumental ever
#2: Oxygene I: Ambient but really good
#3: Oxygene VI: Good, excellent ending
#4: Oxygene V: Would have replaced Oxy VI, if it wasnt for that terrible uptempo bit.
#5: Oxygene IV: Used to be best, but i dont find it atractive anymore.
#6: Oxygene III: My least favourite song. Sounds japanese.

Besides Oxygene i also like Equinoxe.

17 Apr 2009, 15:22
I will see heim live in Malmö 11 Mai this year....YEAH!!

11 May 2009, 11:35
Today I will see him live.....[party][party][beer][beer]

11 May 2009, 12:21
Lucky bastard!

11 May 2009, 18:58
Did you know... Jean-Michel Jarre's father, Maurice Jarre, is a famous composer for movies soundtracks (Lawrence Of Arabia, Ghost and so on...), and conductor.

11 May 2009, 20:42
Did you know... Jean-Michel Jarre's father, Maurice Jarre, is a famous composer for movies soundtracks (Lawrence Of Arabia, Ghost and so on...), and conductor.

WAS. Maurice died recently. Only a few weeks ago. His score for Ghost was brilliant.

12 May 2009, 10:15
It was great!!!!!!! [love]

Great light/lasershow, but id hoped for more [wink] But we hade bad seats so we did´nt see the lights that bad.

Ennoying that the some people did run out when they did fouht the show was over, but Jarre went on stage 3 times more hehe....but the audience was fantastic and did scream and clap hands like crazy...and Jarre did thank Malmö all the time....

I will put some clips from the show later...

12 May 2009, 12:24
WAS. Maurice died recently. Only a few weeks ago. His score for Ghost was brilliant.

Thank you for correcting me David, you're right he died on March 29 this year in Los Angeles.

13 May 2009, 16:45

18 May 2009, 20:14

Lucky you! [wink]

I wish I could´ve been there, too!

18 May 2009, 20:19
Yeah......it was great!!!

But you will have a great Alphaville show in your backyard [wink]