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24 Aug 2006, 09:20

We´re happy to pass on some hot news coming all the way from the heart of italy. Our SYRIAN boys have just reported that their all new studio CD is almost ready! Working title for our space popers is "ALIEN NATION" and is planned for release around september 2006! As a special surprise the CD will feature a duett title with no one else then MARIAN GOLD (ALPHAVILLE) on vocals. A must have for all Alphaville fans. We´re looking forward to another Electropop masterpiece coming from italy!

Will be great to hear this song....hope for a really great song!!

24 Aug 2006, 09:27
What Marian said during the last chat:

- Alphamoongirl: What about your collaboration with Syrian?

- Marian (to Alphamoongirl): we did a really great song together. especially Willy will like it.

24 Aug 2006, 09:41
Finally some good news, and Marian did promise me some synths, so we´ll see.....or hear.

24 Aug 2006, 10:23
Sounds interesting [thumbup]
Electropop !!!

28 Aug 2006, 23:31
The duett song have the name Supernova

29 Sep 2006, 13:47
The album is almost ready, just endmix, mastering. The artwork almost ready to.

So end of Januari will the album be released like it looks now.

21 Oct 2006, 09:47
"Album release is planned for late january 2007. The album is almost done and we´ll publish news on the official releasedate soon!"

poul e
21 Oct 2006, 19:27
When there are no new releases (or any news at all for that matter) from Alphaville it's great that we can get something like this!!

We are trying to make a deal with the label that release the album so members of NH can buy the new album through the fanclub.

Thanx a lot for your work on this Peter!!!

21 Oct 2006, 20:23
Long live the fanclub!!! And long live Peter!!! [party]

If there's a deal you can already set me on the list!!

24 Oct 2006, 19:42
The duett with Marian will be in two diffrent versions on the album.....

One that is mixing Volker of TOY and a Radio Version (produced by the italian trance
producer Alex Bartlett).

poul e
24 Oct 2006, 20:21
So now there's at least 2 reasons for Alphaville-fans to buy the album [smile]

24 Oct 2006, 20:54
Yes!!!!!!!! [wink]

24 Oct 2006, 23:11
I'm glad to hear that Volker Lutz has made a remix of the song - he is one of the best remixers that I know.

He has made great remixes for for example Iris, 18 Summers, Escape with Romeo and In strict Confidence!

25 Oct 2006, 13:37
No singles are planned yet.
For now, the song will be released just on the album Alien Nation

26 Oct 2006, 10:20
Download and listen to 16 sec music from the song here:


It´s the Volker Lutz remix.

poul e
26 Oct 2006, 12:47
sounds promising!!!

26 Oct 2006, 13:07
sad it's so short... but better this than nothing...[smile]

16 Dec 2006, 16:03
The album Alien Nation will be released 16. Februar 2007 in Europa.

10 Jan 2007, 06:32
From a ather forum posted 9 sep 2006:

Just returned back from the gig in Genova...

Absolutely great, the new song "Supernova" kicks asses...

10 Jan 2007, 20:38
Something are on the move.....[wink][wink]

Wait and see.....

10 Jan 2007, 21:55
Now we can offer all Fan-Club members of New Horizons to buy the new Syrian CD including a duet with Marian Gold called "Supernova". The song is included on the album "Alien Nation" in 2 different versions.

The price will be 20 Euro/190SEK/26 USD for the CD (incl. postage and packing).

All CDs bought through the fanclub will be signed by Syrian bandmembers Anylab and Voyager.

For more info read the mail all members got or under Exclusive New Horizons Members.

(Releasday 16/2-2007)



01. Supernova
02. Alien Nation
03. Musika Atomika
04. Orion Shall Rise
05. Solarchaser
06. Helium
07. Hypercube
08. Destiny Sunrise
09. Speed of Light
10. Supernova [Radio Version]

19 Jan 2007, 19:13
I would like to thank all the people who played on this album:

- Snuff Mazend from T3chnopohob1a for doing guest vocals on Orion Shall Rise,
- The Fault for his synth loops on Musika Atomika,
- Babylonia for the guitars on Solarchaser, Mark Nicholas of Cosmicity for doing backing vocals on the same song,
- Endanger for the whole production and Mix of Speed of Light,
- DJ Doobie for programming the drums on Destiny Sunrise,
- Max Tarenzi for playing guitar all over it,
- Of course Marian for his beautiful voice on Supernova!

Further infos on that song:
TRACK 1 - Was mixed and additionally produced by Sebastian Komor: unfortunately Volker from TOY didn't produce it, as initially stated: we hope that he will deliver his mix in the future, because he's a great producer!

TRACK 10 - RADIO VERSION - Was produced and mixed by Alex Bartlett, a great Italian Trance producer!

19 Jan 2007, 19:25
And here you can listen to 2 min long clip of the Radio Version of Supernova:



19 Jan 2007, 20:05
Thanks!!!! Great.... [party]

19 Jan 2007, 20:22
Thanx, Peter!!!

19 Jan 2007, 21:02
Wow, that is a wonderful Song!!!

Thanx Peter for the Link[smile2]

11 Feb 2007, 22:38
From a intervju:

Supernova features vocals from Marian Gold of Alphaville. How did this collaboration come about and what can you tell us about this track?

I asked Marian if he would have liked to do some guest vocals on a song. He wanted to listen to the song before, he liked it and after a while he sent back his vocals to me. Later I contacted Sebastian Komor of Icon of Coil, I sent him all the tracks of the song and he mixed the track. There's another version of this song at the end of the album, produced by an italian trance producer, Alex Bartlett. This version is totally different from the other. Alphaville are my all time favourite band, so a collaboration like this is something
incredible for me!


poul e
12 Feb 2007, 05:12
@Krapplund: The CD is still planned to be released this coming Friday (16/2), right ??

12 Feb 2007, 10:23
Yes....that´s right!

14 Feb 2007, 10:18
Now are the covers signed by AndyLab and Voyager...and on the way to me.

poul e
14 Feb 2007, 13:28
Great!! 2 days before the official release date!!! Cool !!!!!
So there is a chance that we will receive the CD sometime next week!!!

16 Feb 2007, 14:53
If you want to order the album online you here have some sites:

[UK] http://www.musicnonstop.co.uk/product-view.php?productid=18028

[BE] http://www.tarantullashop.be/tshopbatcave.asp?fn=vp&pid=12522

[SE] http://www.hotstuff.se/store/itemdesc.asp?sku=73384&categoryid=&maincategory=

[USA] http://www.adifferentdrum.com/artist.php?n=ADDCD1254

[DE] http://www.infrarot.de/index.php?page=home-b-5106

[DE] http://www.indietective.de/indieshop/product-46265.html

poul e
17 Feb 2007, 06:05
@Krapplund: Have you received the CDs yet?

17 Feb 2007, 14:02
No so i think monday...so they will go away on monday from me than...

17 Feb 2007, 14:33
The US URL specified by Peter

offers audio samples of each track.

17 Feb 2007, 16:38
Supernova 6:06

Good song...I like the intro of the song, but think that it sounds abit strange 5 min into the song when Marian sings, sound that the voice don´t fit the music to 100%. Have to listen more to it. Anyway the refrain are GREAT!

Supernova [Radio Version] 4:43

Great song! The refrain are GREAT here to! And Marians voice fix better in the end with the music...think that I will listen to this song many times in the future...

For the future it would be nice with a Volker Lutz remix....just to hope [wink]

17 Feb 2007, 16:42

The third album for Syrian released on the German Infacted label is a compelling mixture of various Electronic styles ranging from Electro, Pop to EBM, slight rock influences, trance, and a touch of Electroclash ! All these disperate genres merge to form one cohesive Syrian sound, this time with a darker and slightly harder edge... Album opener "Supernova" ( produced by Sebastian R. Komor of ICON OF COIL ) kicks things off superbly featuring Marian Gold of German 80's synthpop legends ALPHAVILLE on vocals - an outstanding duett which gives the song a very unique and special touch ! Also worth mentioning is the track "Speed Of Light", a collaboration with German electronaughts ENDANGER contributing their considerable sound design techniques to the overall Syrian vibe. "Alien Nation" features 10 fresh new Electropop tunes of various styles and shows the variety and diversity of this excellent Italian act. Recommended for fans of Mesh, Iris, Camouflage or Depeche Mode.

18 Feb 2007, 12:34
Really like this song!

18 Feb 2007, 16:08
Yep.... and now we wait, patiently like good AV fans... [smile2]

21 Feb 2007, 12:16
The part I heard from the sample sounded really good!

24 Feb 2007, 14:12
Great song - i love it !!!
I think i prefer the radio version better.
and the album is also very cool [thumbup]
I was taken away by the song and made this little thingy [wink]

26 Feb 2007, 12:41
Listening to the radio version right now - it´s really great!! And in my opinion - much better than the album version.

26 Feb 2007, 20:09
yeah now im sure of it - radio version is much better !

01 Mar 2007, 18:07
thank you krapplund for the help to get the syrian cd,but the song supernova doesent impress me so much its just a decent song nothing special.

06 Mar 2007, 14:02
@Tjommen: You welcome!!!

07 Mar 2007, 11:40
A friend of my said right now that he can´t stop listen to Supernova.....he have been listening to the song for a week now....

07 Mar 2007, 11:56
Here we have some CD-Review of the album:

[GER] http://www.metal.de/cdreviews.php4?was=review&id=7494

[ITA] http://www.cybernetik.it/content.php?review.51

10 Mar 2007, 19:51
This is a very quick incomplete transcription :

The light always shines when I travel around
The stars, the milky way, the moon and the sun
My mind like a [ship] through memories flies
Wide space, distant shores dark in the skies
Where are you now, lost inside your ******
Searching for
The supernova sends the stars

Where are you now, in another galaxy
Watching me, longing for the past

Those dreams [visualize] holograms of the moon
The blue of the skies ************** view
As time goes by , [ages] *** lightyears
******* blown away by the solar winds

Where are you now...

The light always shines when I travel around
The stars, the milky way, the moon & the sun
My mind like a [ship] through distant memories flies
Lost space, distant shores dark in the skies

Where are you now...

11 Mar 2007, 15:09
Supernova cannot send the stars. It's the last evolution stage of some stars.

The text probably says "searching for the supernovas and the stars"
at least it would be astronomically more correct [smile2]

11 Mar 2007, 15:11
And here´s the original lyrics....(that you will get if you bay the album)


The light always shines
When I travel around
The stars, the milky way
The moon and the sun

My mind like a ship
Through memories flies
Vast space, distant shores
Dark endless skies

{REF} Where are you now?
Lost inside your alien soul
Searching for
The supernovae
And the stars
Where are you now?
In another galaxy
Watching me
Longing for the past

The screens visualize
Holograms of the moon
The blue of the skies
And picture of you

As time goes by
Days flow like tears
Colours blown away
By the solar wind


11 Mar 2007, 18:36
Absolutly beautiful !!!!!!!!! [thumbup]

11 Mar 2007, 20:39
hey, all in all I was not that bad, dude ! next time I will use my headphones, you never know with those italians ;=)

16 Mar 2007, 02:26
Hey guys, new here :)

But man, this song is really really good. I've been listening to it non stop for the past few days. I can only hope Alphaville's new album will be better :).

16 Mar 2007, 11:20
Same here !!!!!!!!!!! [beer]

16 Mar 2007, 19:50
I am back.... Listened a few days the song Supernova like I was in a trance...

By the way, how many days I was gone from the forum?

16 Mar 2007, 22:36
great song! I have only heard the radio edit so far but I like it very much.

20 Apr 2007, 09:41
From the AV.DE froum:

Have heard from the A Different Drum that The Voyager a soloalbum releasen will, with a cover-version from Alphaville likely the song Forever Young.

27 Apr 2007, 00:27
The song is great, but it would had been just as great without Marian (at least that's what I think)

You should check out the rest of the album, it's really good. Especially Solarchaser, which is my favourite so far.

28 Apr 2007, 15:08
AndyLabs "Top Ten":

01 - Depeche Mode / Violator
02 - Kraftwerk / The Man-Machine
03 - OMD / Sugar Tax
04 - Erasure / Erasure
05 - Alphaville / Forever Young
06 - Enrico Ruggeri / Il Falco E Il Gabbiano
07 - Duran Duran / Rio
08 - Enya / Watermark
09 - Franco Battiato / La Voce Del Padrone
10 - A-ha / Hunting High And Low

Voyagers "Top Ten":

01 - Alphaville / Prostitute
02 - OMD / Liberator
03 - Everything But The Girl / Walking Wounded
04 - Rockets (all)
05 - Marillion / Seasons End
06 - Righeira / Uno, Zero e Centomila
07 - Delta V / Psychobeat
08 - Manowar / Kings of Metal
09 - Ultravox / Revelation
10 - APB / Welcome to Earth

28 Apr 2007, 15:15
By the way....In 2001 Andylab appeared on Alphaville tribute album “We heard the call” with the track “She fades away” by AA Project.

And some CD-Review of the album:

[GER] http://www.uselinks.de/reviews,id631,0,syrian_alien_nation.html

[GER] http://www.depechemode.de/electro/2007/03/syrian-alien-nation/

[SPA] http://www.mentenebre.com/articulos.php?op=verarticle&artid=490

[RUS] http://www.machinistmusic.net/reviews/syriancd2007.html

[ITA] http://www.powermetal.it/album_detail.php?id=00560

[GER] http://elektrauma.de/rezensionen.php4?KritikNummer=1400

[ENG] http://www.gothtronic.com/?page=23&reviews=3425

26 Jul 2009, 19:28
Sounds fine.... btw i don't like too much 'trance&space' music