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24 Jul 2006, 21:42
We´ve done this before, but we need some new designs as both our website and forum have been updated. We would like you as forum member to create a new banner for our site. You decide the design as long as you follow the simple rules below.


1. To enter the competition, you must upload an image to this topic.
2. The image must represent alphaville.org and/or alphavilleforum.com.
4. Forum, fanclub name and/or website link must be visible.
5. Image must have a blue color theme or element.
6. Official images (albums, postcards, alphaville.de) may not be used.
7. The size of the image must be exact 440 px wide / 60 px high.
8. Filesize of the image must not exceed 30 kb.
9. Filetype of the image must be gif or jpg.

There will be a members only poll, where all entries will be published, so you decide who wins ! The winner will receive a very rare Alphaville item selected by the Dreamkeepers at the end of the competition. The winning banner will be posted in our links page (http://www.alphaville.org/links).

Deadline: 05 Sep 2006 at 23:00 CET.

Below is an example of how the banner could look like:

26 Jul 2006, 20:05
Do we have copyright restrictions ?

26 Jul 2006, 20:52
We can't use pictures from any official merchandise like record covers and postcards, and donīt take pictures from the official site to use in the banner.

I havenīt had any copyright image issues in the almost 10 years online doing AV stuff, so there shouldnīt be any problems.

02 Aug 2006, 17:27
willy, no panic... we still have one month left ;)

02 Aug 2006, 21:22
No panic here [wink]

willy, no panic... we still have one month left ;)

07 Aug 2006, 18:42
Some time over today [wink]

07 Aug 2006, 19:06
WOW, this is nice Peter


07 Aug 2006, 19:31
Nice one, Peter [smile]

poul e
07 Aug 2006, 21:09
Looks really great Peter !!

09 Aug 2006, 21:52
I wish I could join the competition, but 2 questions Willy :

- I don't own any personal AV and/or MG pictures. What sources can I use ?
- Do you expect a still or an animated banner ?

09 Aug 2006, 22:02
Use the internet, start with our gallery:


You decide if you animate it or not - my own example is not animated.

10 Aug 2006, 08:08
Its really nice, Krapplund [thumbup]

10 Aug 2006, 11:52
Thanks people!!! [love]

Hmmm....maybe i should try to make another

10 Aug 2006, 13:32
Yeah, Peter, you should!!! ( without 'maybe'! :):):))

Unfortunately I'm not talented (animated) at all, rather a still forum-er :):):), but I would like very much to see kind of banner with the wonderful crystal crown

10 Aug 2006, 18:09
A lil test I did, as Alphaville is sometimes consider as a city here my welcome to Alphaville...


10 Aug 2006, 18:26
and a second one, lil bit dark...

10 Aug 2006, 21:10
Great !

Keep them coming....

12 Aug 2006, 20:09
and another one from me....

12 Aug 2006, 21:04
Cool, I love all the ones so far.

13 Aug 2006, 01:09
...and what about the copyrights for the pictures and logotypes, as wii told us in the rules (no. 6)? [wink]

(If Iīve got some time in the upcoming weeks to be a little creative myself, Iīll probably make a banner too)

13 Aug 2006, 16:14
a 4th one for this...... euh lil angel....

13 Aug 2006, 16:20
and a naughty one....

13 Aug 2006, 16:32
I couldn't resist to post this one....[smile2]

If you cannot accept it, I understand it and honnest I had posted it for fun... sorry Willy, it's based on an old game for the Sinclair computer....[smile2] [wink]

13 Aug 2006, 18:40
@JP : I really love your 3rd banner [thumbup]

13 Aug 2006, 19:27
Having several ideas, without any tools presently - vacation time...
Number 1ne :

13 Aug 2006, 20:12
... To the new horizons I cast my eyes ...

... And there were the stars that helped to navigate our souls ...

... So many dreams are swinging out of the blue ...

... and listen to the voice of the dolphins ...

message understood ?

with greetings from Vienna

13 Aug 2006, 21:35
Nice, Banner

14 Aug 2006, 09:43
Jetset, please check rule number 7:

The size of the image must be exact 440 px wide / 60 px high.

Nice work to all, keep them coming.

14 Aug 2006, 12:26
and another one for me....

14 Aug 2006, 19:39
#2 - only demos, for I have no tools here :

14 Aug 2006, 19:50
One based on Dreamscapes...

14 Aug 2006, 20:01
Based on the moon....

14 Aug 2006, 20:26
and one about our electronic world....

15 Aug 2006, 10:30
Another banner.....

15 Aug 2006, 10:30
#3. sorry for the size.

15 Aug 2006, 10:37
He is the mood to create banners.............(lol)

Ok, here is another one...

15 Aug 2006, 10:45
Welcome to the world, welcome to AV...

15 Aug 2006, 11:02
The thing with the lights on Krapplund's banner is so cooooool [thumbup]

15 Aug 2006, 11:36
3th on the way [wink]

15 Aug 2006, 13:00
demo banner #4 .

15 Aug 2006, 14:50
number five.

15 Aug 2006, 15:35
I thought I'd make something for the competition (even though I don't like them)... but somewhere in the process of making I forgot the original idea... so made something for fun instead.

15 Aug 2006, 16:27
I love it, Elena [smile2]

@Peter: the one with the lights is very nice too [smile]

15 Aug 2006, 17:04
Very funny alien but... is it possible to make it go slower?

15 Aug 2006, 18:50
Thats so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 Aug 2006, 19:02
Great work everyone.

Keep them coming - 16 days left [wink]

15 Aug 2006, 21:45
banner #6.

15 Aug 2006, 21:58
@Alien: thats mega fab!!!!! love it.... :))

16 Aug 2006, 10:48
rule the world....[smile2] [wink]

Inspired by a forum member....

16 Aug 2006, 14:20
JP..... no words... only [bah][laugh]

16 Aug 2006, 15:45
banner # 7ven

16 Aug 2006, 16:04
Nice one, Jetset, but you skipped rule No. 5: "Image must have a blue color theme or element."

@JP & Elena: [laugh]

16 Aug 2006, 19:18
sorry again regarding the accurate size / color, but working here with poor tools...that is why I precised these are "demo" banners. I just can make basic stuffs, unfortunatly.

16 Aug 2006, 19:29
Go on Jetset, I think we will bend the rules a little, these are just guidelines.

16 Aug 2006, 19:40
and one for the road...

16 Aug 2006, 19:54
Ok. I'll post it here....

16 Aug 2006, 20:27
banner number eight - a try on blue theme

17 Aug 2006, 08:58
ok Malila let's put some blue

17 Aug 2006, 15:54
@Jetset: It's nice in both colours [smile]

17 Aug 2006, 18:38
I like the last one a lot. Simple but says it all. Also like JPs one too.

17 Aug 2006, 19:20
Lil white product in promotion....[smile]

17 Aug 2006, 19:26
Logo inspired by the logo they used in the last competition, remember the Aldi-style logo?

17 Aug 2006, 19:54
OK, this one is a bit to big but...

17 Aug 2006, 20:31
thanks for your nice encouragements

20 Aug 2006, 04:11
Here's my contributions. I will make more before deadline! =)

20 Aug 2006, 04:12
And second one...

20 Aug 2006, 14:45
A bit in a non-creative moment...

20 Aug 2006, 14:47
next one, number 2 of 3:

20 Aug 2006, 14:48
And the last of the triology:

20 Aug 2006, 17:46
My 4th banner....

poul e
20 Aug 2006, 19:20
@Krapplund: Cool effect with the "red eye" !!!

20 Aug 2006, 21:02
Yeah, very cool.

FallenAngel, please take a good look at the rules on page 1, several of your entries do not have the correct size. The banners that do not comply with the rules will not take part of voting.

21 Aug 2006, 06:37
damn... saw it now, I used 400 x 60

Will try to correct them asap...

21 Aug 2006, 14:42

The name is New Horizons


21 Aug 2006, 14:48
He had run out of 's'....[smile2]

21 Aug 2006, 18:19
hehehe...ops...i was word-blind or something

21 Aug 2006, 18:36
6th banner....

21 Aug 2006, 19:48
Too big Peter !!!!

22 Aug 2006, 18:12
So now it´s 17.2 kb and workning [wink]

22 Aug 2006, 18:15
Ok, I corrected them.
Made an error and lost the "Marianettes" banner, think I still have it at work, will try to upload it tomorrow.
The one with 'A stands for apple' can be ignored for the contest, as it is impossible to make it smaller.

22 Aug 2006, 18:21
This is an invitation....

26 Aug 2006, 10:22
5th banner and now right...[wink]

27 Aug 2006, 17:57
and again one from this lil pest, ooops me....[smile2]

27 Aug 2006, 17:58
One based on the great music from the song "Für dich"...

(the song is great, but the banner is crap - dr. Bunny)

27 Aug 2006, 20:24
My contribution.


27 Aug 2006, 22:18
Sorry! I simply could'nt resist make one with a Lloyd LP600 in a slightly Golden color.


28 Aug 2006, 00:20
Sorry it has taken so long. I really have wanted to put my whole effort into this. I know the size is a bit too big but I had no tools so it's just a demo for me too.

I also know it's not a blue element in it - but as someone said - the rules are just guidelines.

Maybe this is the No 1 winner?

28 Aug 2006, 00:32
Sorry, I haven´t got the tools either. But I did my best for this demo.
As Jonatan said above, the rules are just guidelines. I couldn´t use the blue colour, and I did not know how to change the size of it.
Isn´t it great anyway?

28 Aug 2006, 09:19
@Jonatan & Cathis!

I LOVE THIS!!!!! [laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh]

Now we know witch banner will have place nr 1 and 2 in this competition!!!!! YEAH!!

28 Aug 2006, 12:30
@Jonatan & Cathis: [laugh] fantastic work!

28 Aug 2006, 12:42
A banner made for a nice friend.... [smile] [drink]

28 Aug 2006, 14:49
[laugh][laugh] YEAH!!!!!!!!!

28 Aug 2006, 22:37
Oh i didnt know that this forum is for dating stuff [laugh]
You crazy people !!!

29 Aug 2006, 10:15
My last banner in this competition...I think I started this with a banner and more and more joined in this competition so my goal is arrived [wink]

So my last baner for my friends [laugh][laugh]

29 Aug 2006, 11:51
I like to add this one, inspired by the previous post....[smile2] [wink] [tonque]

30 Aug 2006, 00:47
My last contribution to the contest!

30 Aug 2006, 01:29
Ok I give it another try. I still have no tools so it will be a bad size again. But maybe the dream keepers can resize it in photoshop if everyone thinks it's the best contribution?
I also forgot about the blue thing again. But then again there are only rules that are not 100% strict if the contribution is good enough. And my screen cannot show blue colors in the perfect way I'd like to see. RGB is a bit tricky these days!!! I am waiting for the € 4000 CMYK-screen that I have been longing for!

Anyway. Will this be the winner of the contest 2006?

30 Aug 2006, 01:53
Another contribution from me. I found two nice pictures, but Itīs hard without the correct tools. Wrong size and wrong colours again. Iīm sorry, but as graphic arts engineer (as I am) this kind of design is really hard to handle.
Iīm quite sure everything should be easier if I had a CMYK-screen instead of one for the RGB color space. Where have you bought your screen, Jonatan? I would like to have one too.

And... my second contribution:

30 Aug 2006, 02:01
Nice one Lisa, I like it a lot!
I have ordered my CMYK-screen from Net-On-Net (www.netonnet.se). It has 800 nuances of blue color so it may even fullfill your needs as graphic engineerer. I had one of those at school a few years ago and I was blown away by the crisp solid movements of the resolution changes. Can you believe 48000x64000 VGA resolution???!!!
I say if you can afford it - buy one of those top notch CMYK-screens...

I also have another banner again for the competition. It is maybe a bit too wide and not enough blue but since the rules are just guidelines - it won't be a problem!
I have cleared all copyright matters so Willy doesn't have to worry about me being a filthy pirate on the WWW. I have had this idea for a while now and I really felt a strong urge to make it come true on the computer with Adobe's programmes like Adobe ImageReady. Enjoy and vote if you like it:

30 Aug 2006, 02:25
Maybe my last banner, at least for tonight. Though Jonatans last banner was too wide, I thought it should be ok if my banner is too tall instead. I guess it will also fit the new CMYK-screen that I wil buy (the one with many kinds of the color blue).
I found this picture at Google, but Iīm quite sure it is ok to use all picture you are able to copy from the internet.
A winner?

30 Aug 2006, 02:34
I found out some of us are maybe using rotated CMYK-screens for most experience of the world wide web. These screens are, as I said, rotated 45°. So because we don't want to ergonomic disasters in our necks I made a special banner for us. It is possible for Willy to make a special internet programming script in PHP or ASP so that the server can find out if the user is using a rotated CMYK-screen and then use this banner instead. This banner was made with an incredible high-end tool called Microsoft Bob Ū. This goes for sale sometimes on E-Bay for prices quite reasonable. Ģ 30-50 at a minimum. You can't buy it in the stores anymore since Microsoft used inappropriate fonts banned in China.

30 Aug 2006, 07:55
[laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh]I THINK I DIE!!!![laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh]

30 Aug 2006, 08:11

What to say???

30 Aug 2006, 09:29
oh god im laughing so hard !!!!!!!!! [laugh]

30 Aug 2006, 13:59
OMG!!!!!!! [laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh][laugh]
There has to be special award for the banner that made you laugh the most!

btw... Krapplund, if people follow your banner, come into the forum and see the user with the most post is Alien indeed they might run away scared.... [laugh]

30 Aug 2006, 15:12
I think you look beautiful on that banner Krapplund !

30 Aug 2006, 16:46
@Jonatan: Yes i know.......did you got horny??? [laugh][laugh][laugh]

30 Aug 2006, 17:48
There should be a parallel contest for the funny ones... I like them [smile2]

30 Aug 2006, 19:15
Inspired by this thing called love and in a bad-angel mood today I made this one:

31 Aug 2006, 14:31
oops... looks like I will miss that one...

loads to do with my own stuff...
www.creative4music.com and graphics [cd cover and boooklet for a new cool band]

next time :)

31 Aug 2006, 21:48
1,15 h left.....someone that have any banner to show us now before it get´s 1 sep??????

poul e
01 Sep 2006, 12:23
There is still a bit of time to contribute if you like....as long as Willy hasn't stopped the contest you can contribute....I haven't heard from Willy the past couple of days and he hasn't visited the forum since Tuesday....this is not like him at all....I hope he is allright!!!!

01 Sep 2006, 12:47
He saw my banners.... lol

Willy come back!!!

01 Sep 2006, 14:31
Iīm here...whereīs the rest??

01 Sep 2006, 17:13
So here is the first not-so-blue one... But the blue one is on it's way... Promise! [smile]

01 Sep 2006, 17:19
Once more with the feeling... blue one. [smile2] Now I really have to run: have a nice dream-like weekend, all of you! :)

01 Sep 2006, 19:24
I had a crazy idea...

02 Sep 2006, 12:20
If it is possible to contribute until the topic is closed, here is one more "dream-theme". I should have read the rules better yesterday... But now we have two true blues [wink]

02 Sep 2006, 13:14
Keep them coming, I will extend the deadline a little, since I´ve been in Spain on holidays.

02 Sep 2006, 15:34
When I made this banner, I had this in my head 'I want to be free'....

03 Sep 2006, 15:00
@Subzerock: NICE ONE!!! GREAT!!! Just contuine.....

03 Sep 2006, 19:58
I want to do one, I think I have an idea but I need to adjust my screen settings to run my picture editing software. I love all the ones I've seen so far and I'm inspired!

04 Sep 2006, 19:56
Competition closes tomorrow at 23:00 CET

05 Sep 2006, 15:25
Thank you @Krapplund: [smile] . Last one to the dream trilogy before the deadline... [wave] for now!

05 Sep 2006, 22:49
Ok, we have lots of submissions, please those of you that have more than 2 submissions to this competition, select your 2 favorites blue theme banners (of your own creation) that comply with the rules on the first post of this topic. Just write the post #125 (for example is this post). When this is done, we´ll start voting.

Please do not upload more banners - we´ll start voting soon.

06 Sep 2006, 00:01
Well this isn't a new banner, I just made a new version of it just so that it works with the rules!! (I mean now it's abit more blue and has the right proportions!)

I want this one to be my suggestion.

06 Sep 2006, 08:01
Same for me, I found at last the way to resize the banners. So posts #41...

06 Sep 2006, 08:02
...and #58.

06 Sep 2006, 08:14
Good idea to post the banners again that you would like to include in the voting, just keep in mind that everyone that has 1 or 2 banners in total will be included.

06 Sep 2006, 08:47
I canīt disside witch banner I shall use of this three #6, #34 and #82....

Sure I can take #70 to hehehe...but a bit to personal [wink][laugh]

06 Sep 2006, 15:30
[beer] Cool! I won't re-post them because both are near (page 12) . Hmmm... I say "Let me dream forever" # 116 and "So many dreams" #118.

I'll go away before changing my mind - and #124. :)

06 Sep 2006, 17:37

just put all the banners together (right size and color scheme), without name, and let us tick the box ... the banner which gets the most votes .. wins..
it does not matter how many banners some people designed... (i.m.o.)

**tomorrow will be cancelled due the lack of interest**

06 Sep 2006, 19:38
We won´t have a poll of 69 banners, that would be too much, that´s why we need to narrow it down.

07 Sep 2006, 00:03
I agree that two banners per poster is fair enough... it narrows also the hard choices [smile]

07 Sep 2006, 03:36
#66 and #96.

07 Sep 2006, 06:48
hmmm....itīs hard butīs here my two: #6

07 Sep 2006, 06:49
And...: #34

07 Sep 2006, 15:59
Oh, the vote is very difficult. I think #9 and #23 are good. But all banner are nice[wink]

07 Sep 2006, 19:00
We are not voting yes - hopefully I can have it ready later tonight.

07 Sep 2006, 19:08
Soooo difficult... to choose....

#1 for me

07 Sep 2006, 19:09
and my #2:

07 Sep 2006, 23:30
Voting has begun: