View Full Version : a victory of love - video?

06 Jul 2006, 05:54
hi everyone joe here.is there a video or performance for a victory of
love song,i think i viewed a performance of it on the internet from a tv show
in germany like top of the pops but in germany maybe it was done around 85-88 or so.if anyone has any info on this please email,such a great song that
any fan of new wave should listen to,thanks...joe (danansen@hotmail.com)

06 Jul 2006, 14:05
Welcome to the forum!

Have never heard about that before.
Don´t think there was performed that song in TV show...but I can have wrong [wink]

But you are right about that it is a GREAT song!!!!

More info about the song A VICTORY OF LOVE you find here www.krapplund.com

09 Jul 2006, 10:15
I also heard a rumour about an A victory TV performance, but never found it anywhere, if you find it tell us!! Good luck!!