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08 Nov 2000, 15:22
hi all !
does any1 has new info about AV in south Africa?

@ville - forever and ever.

08 Nov 2000, 15:34
hi adi and welcome to the forum.

I only know what the official knows - we know that there are several fans there, so I hope we get a report.

9./10./11.11. 2000:
south africa, johannesburg
venue: the big top arena
carnival city casino
(just off the n17 brakpan)
the ticket agency is www.ticketweb.co.za or tel. in sa 0861-400-500.
for enquiries call +2711-898-7000 and ask for marketing department or e-mail info@showgroup.co.za

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09 Nov 2000, 00:19
Adi, Willy, I was glad to read about someone with my name (Johan) who will see AV !! If I may quote from Johan Badenhorst mail to Euphoria:
"I can say for sure that AV is now in Africa as Marian spoke this morning during
the drive show on Pretoria's largest radio station, Jacaranda 94.2fm.
The "interview" was between 7am and 8 am with the DJ starting of with a medley
of snippets of songs mostly from FY and Prostitute and Salvation. Only two full
songs were played: Fantastic Dream (The DJ wanted to play Impossible Dream but
made a mistake) and Flame.
The concerts will be on 9, 10 and 11 Nov. Norman and Gunnar, I'll see you there.

Get ready for the show!!

PS, Ann and Joachim : Now after years of waiting I finally get to AV live!!"

Oh my friends, how i know this feeling .. know it so well !! may all friends in South Africa enjoy this to the fullest, and may AV also have a great time there !!

love, lassie