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22 Dec 2000, 11:51
There is an american band called Carol Masters. And yes, they took their name from the AV song from AIU. You can hear some influences from AV in CMs songs.
I read this from www.zeromagazine.nu
Checkie checki...

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26 Dec 2000, 21:03
yes I believe they are on the AV list, or at least they used to be.

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27 Dec 2000, 10:50
Really? I don´t know, and don´t really care about the mailinglist either... It´s boring.

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22 May 2002, 15:05
"Calling Home" very easy nice little pop tune.

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22 May 2002, 19:06
I heard another song with this band in the car when we were on the way back from germany; when we kiss, and that song just...sucked.

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23 May 2002, 11:51
Sucked? Yeah, but it was a quite charming song, I think...

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