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poul e
21 Dec 2000, 05:59
Merry christmas everyone!!!

If Alphaville should make a christmas song, what would it be? Should they make their own version of an already made christmas song, or should they make their own brand new X-mas song?

I myself would prefer a 100% Alphaville song. I can´t think of a X-mas classic that
I would like AV to make.

21 Dec 2000, 15:31
I believe I saw on the web site once that they were thinking of doing "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel." I thought this was interesting because Agnes Poetry did that song on "Leave the Light On" and I've seen that AV likes AP. I think it would be amazing to hear Marian sing Ave Maria. That song gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it and I'm not even Catholic!

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