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17 Jul 2005, 10:06
Hi all :)
i'm new member and i would like to share with you my passion of alphaville.
So you can listen all of my songs wich seems at alphaville songs ;)
here the link -> http://membres.lycos.fr/epsylonee
I hope that you'l like it(especially Angel's War)
any feedback is more appreciated
I think it miss probably Marian gold voice :)


17 Jul 2005, 15:02
ccant listen to anything... "error on page"

17 Jul 2005, 16:57
Listening to it now, and it sound great!

Oh yes, what unpollite from me, welcome to our forum and thank you for sharing your music!!!

For the people who don't speak French :

Pour Telecharger une musique click droit sur le petit clavier puis "enregistrer la cible sous"

means 'to download music, click right on the small keyboard and then "save file as"'

When you do this you download the file.

Clicking on the little keyboard loads the file also, but in a temp directory.

17 Jul 2005, 22:11
@FA: ah, no it makes sence :)

16 Aug 2008, 18:59
I can't see any file (only directory, which direct me to another page, where is nothing) :(

16 Aug 2008, 19:35
The homepage are gone...

16 Aug 2008, 19:54
There´s nothing there ???

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