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19 Dec 2000, 20:15
I was wondering if people had stories to share about how av has impacted their lives... little miracles, hope, inspiration? I was going to tell the story of someone on the list once, but when I ran it by KP, he sort of blasted me for putting AV on pedestals as if they are gods. Still, I think there are probably some interesting stories out there. gods or not, they have had the power to influence people.

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19 Dec 2000, 20:37
I´ve heard some quite amazing stories about how Alphaville has helped people though the rough times in their lives, but for me music has always been there, no matter if I´m happy or sad, I just have to hear it. I wouldn´t know how I could live without it, but this goes for all the music I hear, not only AV.

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19 Dec 2000, 23:24
Its not like AV helped me with something serious in my life but i feel like i found what i really love.
AV for me is a pure love and everything about the band makes me feel good.

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20 Dec 2000, 11:49
well,since i started to listen to Alpha,my grades are better in school..and my life seems happier,ahve something to wake up for every morning.

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20 Dec 2000, 12:52
since I started listening to Alphaville I wake up every morning. almost.

20 Dec 2000, 22:27

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02 Jan 2001, 12:28
about that upwaking in the morning..marians voice as an alarm clock doesnt work for me.as soon as i hear it..i just fall into a deeper sleep.

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