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17 Feb 2005, 09:30
So ... sometimes i wrote books ! ... i do like to space with my fantasy and every 5 years i write a book !
I'm writing a new now in these mouths , and i'll dedicate it to my incoming baby . I'll be dad soon ...
So what's the point !
The point is that i decided to add to the story telling some lyrics songs that can be filled with the things i'm writing !
Lot of songs are from the 80s , and i add to Alphaville songs lyrics that are "Forever Young " and "Sounds like a melody " .
My books anre not intended for commercial release , but just for my family and close friends read .
And you know ... i'm inspired from Alhaville listening stuff !
Just wanted to share this my ... new thing !!
Yep !!!!

17 Feb 2005, 09:47
Good idea, so I moved this to the Members Corner category.

17 Feb 2005, 10:06
OK ... sounds fine with me ! didn't know where to post the topic exactly !
Thanx for helping me !

11 Mar 2005, 21:34
I am writting scifi -comedy book about Alphavile.. no, 2! With Names "Alphavile, Atentatt and Ywa Nechiie" and "Alphaville, Argnaschtanum and Ywa Nechiie" 2. book is about Adolf Hitler - he is no death, he is living in Ost-Germany Fabrik and he have nazist-group.. Und ich bin Ywa Nechiie, The Witch und with Adolf H. is bad Wizzard... Adolf want command all World, and he think, to AV with music help him. But AV no want help to Adolf H. He want Marian kill, and wizzard make a Marianīs twin... but Ywa Nechiie interference in... She salvation Germany, Alphaville and all World... and is here a Lovestory - Ywa Nechiie with Frank Mertens. And The Argnaschtanum is chemical compound, bad compound - make from Adol H. friends... in The End AV with Ywa Nechiie broken the Berlin Wall, Adolf, Marian Twin und bad wizzard death...

My books are so cool, but nobody read then...