View Full Version : What's your favorite CD from Crazyshow?

06 Jan 2005, 17:23
What´s your favorite CD from Crazyshow ?

06 Jan 2005, 17:26
Tracklist here:


This is hard choice, but I voted DS 09

06 Jan 2005, 18:27
DS9 would be my favourite, if DS10 didn't have two more songs that I like... ("Do The Strand" and "The II Girlz" excepted of course) [smile2]

06 Jan 2005, 19:20
Definitely DS9 (9 good songs), then No.10 (9 good songs, but one´s a cover), then No. 12 (3 good songs, still one´s
a cover).

06 Jan 2005, 21:08
I can't vote on this one as I really only like a few songs on each disc (about the same number on each one) and for me, no one disc stands out as the best...... I just made a cdr of the best songs for me and that is what I listen to.

06 Jan 2005, 21:27

06 Jan 2005, 22:27
where is the button to vote for two ??? :)

07 Jan 2005, 00:06
@Anja : sometimes you have to make hard choices in life... [laugh]

It wasnt hard for me at all. Of course DS9 !
Although i really love most of DS10 and especially Shadows She Said but...still - its DS9 for moi [thumbup]

07 Jan 2005, 06:47
I think that DS10 is the best CD. Not because that it has all the best tracks but it's the only CD that feels like a real album and is the only CD I play when I listen to the original CDs. I mostly listen to mp3s.

I think that DS09 have like 3 of the 5 best songs on it but that CD has to many long tracks (otb, return2paradise2 and state of dreams) and some remixes of the website demos that I think are worse than the originals.

07 Jan 2005, 14:08
I voted CD11 because of "About a Heart", "Something" and "Stranger than Dreams".

07 Jan 2005, 14:12
@adi: its done :)

07 Jan 2005, 16:57
After minutes of thinking I chose DS10, though I still have "I don't know-feeling".

07 Jan 2005, 17:03
Still have my doubts!

07 Jan 2005, 20:08
DS 9, mainly for Carry Your Flag. It's the one I listen to the most, all though I like DS 10 and DS 12 almost as much.

07 Jan 2005, 22:57
well, ok, under great duress and stress and great amounts of mumbling incoherent statements about dolphins and maomoondog under my breath.... I voted for DS10!!

10 Jan 2005, 10:08
Finally made my decission! DS9 it's for me!

10 Jan 2005, 18:15
A hard question but after alot thinking I decissed to vote for DS10!!

Total there´s most of the best songs on it that cd....so easy was it to vote for it [wink]

13 Jan 2005, 21:26
No hard decision. I love DS 11 to death.
Songs like Stranger than dreams, Giants, Diamonds are forever and all the (re)mixes. Gotta love it.

Streetside Romeo
01 Feb 2005, 17:34
I votes DS 12 - I like man of the demos better the the polished versions and also find the overall composition of the CD formidable! DS 9 would have been my second take - very good disk, too. But the somewhat disappointing versions of C me thru, And as 4 love and Moongirl made me decide against it.

29 Nov 2008, 23:59
It was very tough choosing between 9 and 10. But I went with DS10 because while they both offer the best stuff out of the whole set, my most favorite, "Ways," is in this one.

In fact, in order:

1. DS10
2. DS9
3. DS12
4. DS11

30 Nov 2008, 08:09
ds 10..............

02 Dec 2008, 12:51
Tough one, took DS 9 in the end, mainly because of "Moongirl" which touches me a lot.

Ds 10 is next best.