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10 Dec 2004, 19:04
A new interview with Marian Gold from the German online madazine Re-flexion.

Take a look and enjoy!!
Some really great stuff inside it!

Interview (http://www.re-flexion.de/interviews/2004/2004-12/alphaville/alphaville-interview.htm)

10 Dec 2004, 19:16
Nice. He didn´t talk about the upcoming album too much, though.

10 Dec 2004, 19:18
No but some other intressting stuff...

10 Dec 2004, 19:19
Translation anyone......?
My German is not enough for that [wink]
Or maybe someone can just write about those interesting stuff that Krapplund mentioned ?
P.S - sexy photos !!!!!

11 Dec 2004, 09:57
yes please someone help the stupid American that only speaks Engligh :(

12 Dec 2004, 11:35
Regarding the last -and most interesting- part of it, I think Marian talks about the very content of the upcoming DVD : AV videos (but certainly legal matters with Warner Bros) and a concert in Beirut back in '93/94, that Marian loves.

poul e
12 Dec 2004, 11:59
As always Marian doesn't give anything away but only keeps us speculating....

As far as I understand he would prefer to put things like the concert from Beirut on a DVD rather than musicvideos and TV performances. But he doesn't say that this or that WILL be on the upcoming DVD...

12 Dec 2004, 13:46
if he hesitates, best would be to release an eight DVD box titled "DVDreamscapes" featuring the main AV material ;) !

12 Dec 2004, 14:25
Really interesting. Thanks, Krapplund!
Perhaps I can make a translation this afternoon...

12 Dec 2004, 14:42
I will show it to my German teacher tomorrow and will write down the main points

12 Dec 2004, 17:19
Don´t have time at the moment; maybe tuesday [banghead]

12 Dec 2004, 20:32
actually, I'd be HAPPY to get Beirut concert on DVD!

poul e
13 Dec 2004, 07:13
The one thing I want more than anything else on DVD is the unplugged session from Tipi!!

14 Dec 2004, 15:38
Here it is:

Alphaville were on the road during the last few weeks for their 20th Anniversayr tour across Germany. We met Marian on Nov 1st 04 at the backstage area of the Capitol in Hannover to make an interview on more than 20 years of Alphavile, not just retrospectively.

re-flexion: You´re currently on the road for the reason of your „20th Anniversary Of Alphaville Tour“ – what´s the difference to previous tours?

Marian: It mainly differs to other tours that on the current one we play lots of pieces, which are not released yet and therfore are actually unkown to everybody.
In the last months and years we did it that way that we released the songs in sections via internet per download to the fans – this time we want to present them live for the first time, quasi introduce to them.
Besides we give a profile of the last twenty years of Alphaville with this tour of course and we play of each album one song at least – from each except a song from The Breathtaking Blue CD.

re-flexion: By the years it is only you left of the original founding formation of Alphaville...

Marian: (grins) ...One has to be left...

re-flexion: ...How did you experience and handle the exits of the other band members?

Marian: I don´t handle not that much about this. Actually we had no arguing in the moments of division. So there isn´t really anything to handle.
I don´t want to gloss over or brush something under the carpet; needless to say we had a lot of
stress with each other, however always in those times, when it was about creative disputes – namely when we made new albums.
Those disembarktions of the single persons came at all times, when nothing happened with or by Alphaville and something occured in the lives of the people instead, which caused this kind of change. So I used to regard that not to be so tragic, since I´m used to work in and with
different constellations. It´s been that way before Alphaville and still is.
The field´s expanding more and more. In the last years it was the collaboration with Klaus Schulze and currently I got persuaded to a cooperation with Hermann Schneider, the intendant
of the theatre in Würzburg. I´ll write the music for a musical and join the background story.
It´s about Alice In Wonderland and that´s a matter I always was topically interested in.
Normally I used to refuse to do any commissioned works, ´cause that always meant to much responsibility to me, but this offer was just too inviting.
I´m gonna start working at this project after our concert in Stockholm, Sweden, ´cause there I
have a little house I can retreat into.

re-flexion: By the album „Prostitute“ the times of commercial success of Alphaville were
over – was it because that this album was so different to the previous Alphaville material?

Marian: Actually already „The Breathtaking Blue“ was completely different. But if you
have a closer look at it, you´ll see that there´s no album that had picked up the thread of its precursor.
We always have orientated totally new again with every album, because we came upon brandnew trips. In fact, I get sucked a bit that people always make a comparison concerning
our music to its commercial success. One should estimate the quality of the music of a band
instead the commercial success.
But it´s correct indeed that Alphaville had a certain stigma, because we were that enourmously successful right in the beginning with our first records.
At that time the qualitly of the music got a bit into background.
Nobody could cotton on with the band or take it as a sleeper.
Those days we were Everybody´s Darling right – and therefore not that favoured by the
journalists. As for the media we didn´t have the best starting position.
On the other hand we enhanced in spite of this overnight sensation at all times.
What I like about Alphaville and still like – that´s why I still join this project – is, that we never let anybody sway us

re-flexion: Was it right after the big commercial success of the first single right this aspect
that guided you in the process of

14 Dec 2004, 17:09
@Justus: Thank you!

"[...] we play of each album one song at least – from each except a song from The Breathtaking Blue CD." [grumpy]

I would have been the happiest one to hear a BTB song live *sigh*

14 Dec 2004, 17:27
Danke Justus!!!!!!

And yes, why no song from TBB?

14 Dec 2004, 17:33
quote:Originally posted by FallenAngel

Danke Justus!!!!!!

And yes, why no song from TBB?

They're too hard to sing them live... maybe [smile]

Thank you Justus!

16 Dec 2004, 21:04
Thanks you very much Justus [love]

Nothing really new but its still nice to hear stuff from Marian [smile]

16 Dec 2004, 22:04
I was also a little dissaponinted about not hearing any BTB song in Copenhagen concert, for example would have been great Mysteries of Love, but it couldn´t be....

02 Jan 2005, 04:09
I found another interview with marian:


It's at the bottom in real player or winamp. There is also an erasure interview above it. The interview with Marian is in German though.

Tara :)

02 Jan 2005, 14:05
Its always a pleasure to hear Marian speaks in German [wink]
and now i can even understand a little !

07 Jan 2005, 12:37
I heard this interview when it was first broadcast and I was surprised at how much I understood! I really enjoyed this one.

24 Dec 2008, 16:14
I stumbled upon these interviews from earlier this year. I have not seen them before.


and another


I enjoyed watching these, it made my day. [smile2]

24 Dec 2008, 16:49
Cool find! Marian has such a German accent - more than I ever remember - though at least he tries to pronouce the "a" correctly!

25 Dec 2008, 00:18
marian sings better in english than he speaks

25 Dec 2008, 11:30
Cool find! Marian has such a German accent - more than I ever remember - though at least he tries to pronouce the "a" correctly!
Yes, the German accent surprised me as well!

Nice find, fishbones! [smile]

25 Dec 2008, 14:13
LOL ... the interviews make me laugh... seems like good fun and poor boys, not finding a portable CD player :) and did you see Mattes, I think he did not understand a word Marian was saying. Thats well funny to watch.

@fishbone: Great find!!!!


26 Dec 2008, 01:16
It made me laugh too. I would love to see more Alphaville interviews. This was a lucky find as i was searching for something completley different.

27 Dec 2008, 00:12
@Anni: gotta love those inside jokes [laugh] Especially the faces that Marty makes...
GOD ! i miss them........
and that accent is not German... its a Marian-accent [wink]

29 Dec 2008, 18:49
At least we can be sure the new album will also be released as a shellac edition.

08 Jan 2009, 11:45
Nice clips indeed [smile] is it true btw. Is Marian really usually oldest person in concerts [smile2]