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20 Apr 2004, 16:44
From an interview with Axel Rudi Pell who covered FY. click 4 source (http://metalkings.com/reviews/axelrudipell/pell.htm)quote:[u]MetalKings.com:</u> Axel, why did you choose Alphaville song "Forever Young" for a cover-version?

[u]Axel:</u> Well, I always thought it was a great melody but I never was satisfied with the original singing on it, you know. I thought it would fit into my ballad style and I can record it. And, you know, one day I met few members of Alphaville at a party somewhere and their singer came to me and said, "Hey man! Your version is much better than ours!" (laughs)[laugh]

20 Apr 2004, 21:53
Interesting.....not satisfied with the original singing? Hmmmmm.... [bah]

20 Apr 2004, 23:33
and do you think that Marian would actually tell this guy that his singing was better? I have this cover and I do not think this guys voice is even in the same league as Marian - maybe that is why he laughs at the end of the statement - he can't be serious!!!

21 Apr 2004, 08:16
Let me say that I have strong doubts about it! Better??? Impossible!!! [approve]

21 Apr 2004, 12:32
Never heard his version but I seriously doubt he sings it better than Marian [laugh]

21 Apr 2004, 16:41
Donīt know his version, but I know that ARP tries to play guitar
like Ritchie Blackmore since several decades (as he even further confesses)... So what else? Telling lies like our politicians? Partying like itīs 1999?

21 Apr 2004, 19:12
Yes! Say it one more time! 1999!

02 Dec 2004, 01:11
WOW! Old topic!

I'm listening to the cover by Axel right now, and I must say it's ok, but nothing more.
It's just a typical rockwannebsong. Sounds ok, but quite boring.
And his voice is not better than Marian's.