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06 Mar 2004, 16:23
Here are a few of my songs,
much inspired by the 80's;


Let me know what you think!

06 Mar 2004, 17:15
Hello Bjorn !

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your music with us!

Always nice to hear some good music, as I write this I am listening to 'Everyone needs their space' and I really likes it!

06 Mar 2004, 17:20
Nice to share your work with us and welcome to the Dreamroom, hope you have fun, as we have [wink]

06 Mar 2004, 18:14
I like it! Very mellow. Welcome!

06 Mar 2004, 22:28
Hey! Great stuff Bjorn!! Nice to see someone get their demos out there - your voice suits several styles and you've done a good job on the instrumentation - really like That's what the night is for!!!!!

08 Mar 2004, 16:12
Thanks for your fantastic support!
I knew this was a site with "my kind of people"

"Everyone Needs Their Space" entered as number 5 today on the Electronica;Mellow chart on Soundclick.com

23 Mar 2004, 21:48
Iīve downloaded all the songs today - I will listen through them and post a review.

What I have heard so far is really good [party]

Streetside Romeo
27 Mar 2004, 16:37
Very good job! I really like it. The songs are catchy, has a great atmosphere, and your voice is really damn good!!!

29 Mar 2004, 16:54
Dear Friends.

Today "Everyone Needs Their Space" climbed to number 2
and all it needs is one little push to make it to the top.

So I need your help!
All you need to do is to visit http://www.soundclick.com/bjorn
Listen to "Everyone Needs Their Space", feel free to download and listen to the other tracks as well, you might like it!

Thanks to all of you who can help!!

08 Apr 2004, 22:30
Take Away Heart is my favorite so far !!! Sounds great, I would love to have this in CD quality.

09 Apr 2004, 18:00
listening to Take Away Heart.... not bad... still like That's What the Night is for best!

15 Apr 2004, 19:46
Soundclick http://www.soundclick.com/bjorn

I would like to thank those who already visited and gave support for the site.
So far there has been 6,280 hits and rising....

The Top 5;
1. "What The Night Is For" (# 8 on the Pop General Chart)
Downloads and song plays: 2,170
2. "Everyone Needs Their Space" (# 2 on the Electronica; Mellow Chart)
Downloads and song plays: 2,050
3 "I Killed The Monkey" (#3 on the Electronica;Mellow Chart in Feb, 2004)
Downloads and song plays: 1,214
4. "Foreverlover" (# 21 on the Electronica; Euro Chart in March, 2004)
Downloads and song plays: 387
5. "Fall" (# 29 on the Electronica; Mellow Chart in Feb, 2004)
Downloads and song plays: 357

Take a moment to read the reviews and the message board,
but also to explore the various tracks. ENJOY!


The latest songs to be added, "Take Away Heart", "Nothing Like This"
and "Can't Get Enough" is climbing both the Pop and Electronica Charts.

PS. Is there anyone interested in doing a serious review of the music on the site? Wii?!

15 Apr 2004, 22:34
Yes, just havenīt had the chance to write it yet.

18 Apr 2004, 17:35
There is a new track on there, "Your Fingers On My Skin", which is a bit darker.....youll probably like it! I hope....

18 Apr 2004, 18:15
Yes, it's different from the other songs but I like it! Thanks!!

18 Apr 2004, 18:25
Liked "What the Night is for", listening to it just now. Well, what can i say? A great voice! And songs...

15 Jun 2006, 17:27
Hello everyone!

I know I rarely (or ever!) psot on here, but its a good site and the music from the 80s, particularly electropop and synth music is something that should e kept alive! Also, I have been getting some great feedback and support from you guys!

I have joined forces with Futurnik, and now go under the name of "Automo | Futurnik", with 2 new tracks in the bag.

"City Beat" and "Foreverlover" can be found on


15 Jun 2006, 21:01
Welcome back.

I just don´t hope I have to move your posts each time, like we did in the past, even if it´s is a new name, it´s still the same link as always.

16 Jun 2006, 00:32
Sorry to say this, but Bjorn doesn't seem to even read any threads he has started before, so he'll keep on making new topics each time. [indiff]

14 Jan 2007, 20:39
Hello There!

There used to be a special place here on this site where fans could put their own work in?! This was as close as I could get...

The moderators here has been kind enough to let me leave messages here, telling you about my productions. Which I thank them for.

During 2006 I started a band called Automo/Futurnik with an american here in London and the music is a blend of 2 very different tastes.

You can find the music on my site:

15 Jan 2007, 05:45
Yeah, this is the place Bjorn - I moved it for you.

New band, but still the same website, right ?