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09 Nov 2003, 20:07
Marian came to the chat tonight and told us a few things that are planned for next year...

*Dreamscapes to be re-released in first half of 2004 in a new format with cheaper artwork but the tracks will not be changed...or at least there won't be any new ones...

*'Rarities' album to be released in Spring 2004 - to be included are some extended versions. Marian said definitely included would be the Jet Set extended version and possibly some songs in never heard before formats. Also the remix of "a CrazyShow track" done by Bernhard (which we know to be Moonboy).

*Alphaville starting work on a new album tomorrow (10th Nov)!! Marian said that they are beginning the production and he will be working with various poeple as always but Rainer and he are responsible for the songs.

*A new DVD is planned for next year too! Marian said that this will include some concert footage of a gig in Sweden from around 1996. Alphaville are in talks with record companies about the promo videos at the mo.

*Marian is involved in the writing of a book (not a biography he said...) with the working title of, "An Orbit Full Of Questions". This will be published first in German with an English translation to follow later..

*A tour in Autumn is planned.

*A party in Berlin is planned for August.

All dates above are approximate according to Marian. He also reminded us that as well as it being Alphaville's 20th anniversary, it will be his 50th birthday too! We have a lot of celebrating to do!

The news page at Moonbase has been updated with all this information tonight.

09 Nov 2003, 20:11
That's great to hear, Kaz! Say hi to Marian [smile]

09 Nov 2003, 20:36
And even more stuff will (hopeful) come.....

09 Nov 2003, 20:39
No more details about DS?

09 Nov 2003, 20:41
That's great news for me... [smile2]

09 Nov 2003, 20:45
You made my day!

09 Nov 2003, 21:09
So glad i had a short chance to chat with my love [love]
This is the best news i've heard in a long time !!!!!!
DVD, Tour, Party, New album(s).....
Looks like im gonna have to save much more money than i thought [wink][laugh]
In any case, i wont be able to be in Germany before August 2004 because of college.....but after that : parties, concerts - bring them on [party]
Was great to see all of you at the chat !
@slam : I missed you there....[wink]

09 Nov 2003, 21:35
and since there's so much planned we can expect it all "in ca 10.000 years" [laugh] Marian said that!

09 Nov 2003, 21:53
aprrrrroximately Alien [laugh]

09 Nov 2003, 22:23
should we talk about reincarnation again? [laugh]

09 Nov 2003, 22:52
We may have to if this lot doesn't transpire in 2004...[laugh]

09 Nov 2003, 23:13
I don't believe we'll see it all in 2004. If we do I'll... I'll... (I have to think what I'll do but I will do something crazy!) [laugh]

10 Nov 2003, 05:15


poul e
10 Nov 2003, 06:53
@Kaz: Thanx a lot for writing all the news here!! It was so great to get all these news in a forumchat!!! It was great for those few of us who were there that Marian was SO informative!! I was just looking for small clues because we usually don't get more than that....but so many great news at the same time!!! It's almost too much to take in....

poul e
10 Nov 2003, 07:08
There isn't anything about the DVD on Moonbase yet. I guess there could be different reasons for that:

1. Marian accidently told us about it....it wasn't his intention
2. Still too many if's....like permission from record companies (WEA)
3. They simply forgot to write about it on Moonbase

10 Nov 2003, 09:55
quote:1. Marian accidently told us about it....it wasn't his intention

haha. that means we could work in police... if we could drag this info out of Marian. [laugh][laugh][laugh]

poul e
10 Nov 2003, 11:53
quote:Originally posted by Alien

quote:1. Marian accidently told us about it....it wasn't his intention

haha. that means we could work in police... if we could drag this info out of Marian. [laugh][laugh][laugh]

You mean...I could work in police...it was me who said "is still hoping for a DVD" and then Marian replied that there WILL be a DVD next year [glasses][laugh]

10 Nov 2003, 11:55
ok. you![smile2] I didn't remember how Marian come to tell about it so just said "we". [laugh]

poul e
10 Nov 2003, 12:55
@Alien: It was pretty sneaky of me [smile2] but I REALLY didn't expect him to reply to it....and certainly not with THAT great an answer!!!

10 Nov 2003, 12:56

10 Nov 2003, 13:40
@Justus: You have right!!


10 Nov 2003, 13:53
just read the chat... lots of things to do for AV... book, tour, party, cd, dvd... im nearly 31... hopefully I survive until all this stuff is released... hee hee hee - oops :-)
b.t.w. THANKS WILLY to post the chat, hope you are well - take care

10 Nov 2003, 15:06
yes, great news indeed...... gonna have to save some money now for sure as 2004 should be a banner year!!!!!

10 Nov 2003, 15:08
Great with a Berlin party - the 2 I have attended so far, are by far the best I´ve experienced with AV, meeting more people than ever, and the unplugged sessions - nothing beats that !!!!!

10 Nov 2003, 15:10
looking forward to Berlin party. This time I'm coming for sure. Nothing will stop me. Started saving money. [smile2]

10 Nov 2003, 15:11
I will come for sure also - no matter when it happens !!!!!

10 Nov 2003, 16:05
I might make it to the Berlin party.... [wink]


Last night's chat was great! Lots of wonderful things to come in 2004 [smile]

10 Nov 2003, 16:27
Yeah, Marian was so kind to tell us about all those things.
Why the news are not written in moonbase you ask ?
I think its way too early.....
He just told us about the future plans but since nothing is official or final yet there is no reason to post it on their home page [wink]

10 Nov 2003, 16:30
@Adi: News ARE WRITTEN on moonbase... except DVD ones. [smile]

10 Nov 2003, 18:22
All of that is REALLY good news! I am so bummed I wasn't able to be a part of the chat. :( I was working til 6pm so by the time I got home it was 1am berlin time.. That ALWAYS happens to me :(

A party in Berlin in August? Oooer, I can almost say - I'm there!

This will be a great year indeed! (I guess it makes up for missing the chat argh..)

Tara :)

10 Nov 2003, 19:44
Party in Berlin sounds really, really good! [jump2]

10 Nov 2003, 22:10
I hope you can come, Toni! [smile]

10 Nov 2003, 22:55
Need no excuse to go to Berlin...but a party is as good an excuse as any [party]

11 Nov 2003, 09:40
@ Kaz: and ryanair goes straight to berlin schoenefeld... but I never travel again with this airline... it was terrible on my last flight back.

11 Nov 2003, 16:09
I wonder if they gonna change news about new album every day... you know...

nov 11, 2003
the pre-production of the new alphaville album has started yesterday, monday, november 10th, 2003.

nov 12, 2003
the pre-production of the new alphaville album has started the day before yesterday, monday, november 10th, 2003.

nov 13, 2003
the pre-production of the new alphaville album has started 3 days ago, monday, november 10th, 2003.


nov 10, 2013
the pre-production of the new alphaville album has started 10 years ago today, november 10th, 2003.


11 Nov 2003, 16:22
Ask it ...... (you know who) [bah]

11 Nov 2003, 16:27
I can't! [laugh]

11 Nov 2003, 19:25
@ Anja
Yeah, I'm flying with ryanair to Berlin Schoenefeld on 29th December for New Year. Suppose it's ok as far as cheap airlines go but it's certainly not comfortable ;) Btw, tried to answer your SMS today and it still wouldn't go. Give up [laugh] Speak to you soon [smile]

@ Alien
Ad infinitum...[laugh]

As far as the news Marian told us goes, the one thing I'm really looking forward to is the book. I've always thought that if Marian hadn't made it in the music industry, he would have been a top class author...Maybe it's another career path for him anyway. Wish I could write as well [smile]

11 Nov 2003, 19:59
quote:Originally posted by Alphaanni

just read the chat... lots of things to do for AV... book, tour, party, cd, dvd... im nearly 31... hopefully I survive until all this stuff is released... hee hee hee - oops :-)
b.t.w. THANKS WILLY to post the chat, hope you are well - take care

come on ! lot of work within a short period of time = SLC DVD, tours, Stark Naked, tours, Forever Pop, tours, Crazy Show, tours...

11 Nov 2003, 22:44
yes Kaz, Marian is a great author, as evidenced by his short stories in the moon papers and the DS booklet.....but let's just hope that the book (Orbit full of questions) actually answers an orbit full of questions......we all know that when Marian is in his cryptic moods his answers to our questions often leaves us with more questions than we started out with! I know he said it wasn't going to be an autobiography and that is fine... but lets hope that it isn't so symbolic in nature that it isolates us from what he is trying to accomplish and that is to let us understand what has happened (from his point of view) over the past 20 years!!!

11 Nov 2003, 22:48
I tried twice to get him to tell me what the book is about in the chat and he wasn't giving anything away [laugh] I know he said he'd never publish his Nostradamus stuff in a book but I wonder if that will be a part of it now?

11 Nov 2003, 23:21
isn't Marian always in cryptic mood?

anyway I'd like to see the book really written by him.

12 Nov 2003, 09:52
@ jetset: you dont have to tell ME :-) ... I dont have a problem if the release of all this stuff is in 2004 2005 2040... Im only worried about all the others, when they get angry again because some things late because the guys are just humans... I remember a lot of negative things in the beginning of this year because of the late CS-release...

12 Nov 2003, 15:35
Absolutely Anja. Even without the human factor, a lot of the time best laid plans can go awry due to outside factors beyond the control of those involved (as a teacher, I know that very well...currently altering and dumping a lot of the planning I've done for the next two weeks due to 'outside factors'). I for one am happy that we are getting anything at all and am looking forward to it all very much with great anticipation. No matter how long it takes, it'll arrive eventually...At least the guys can joke about it, like Marian did in the chat - shows their great sense of humour [laugh]

12 Nov 2003, 16:11
quote:Originally posted by Alphaanni

@ jetset: you dont have to tell ME :-) ... I dont have a problem if the release of all this stuff is in 2004 2005 2040... Im only worried about all the others, when they get angry again because some things late because the guys are just humans... I remember a lot of negative things in the beginning of this year because of the late CS-release...

you're right ;) !

12 Nov 2003, 17:41
Ohhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! Party will be around August !!!!!!!!
In that case i hope i still have a chance to be there since my college year will end on July 24th......
I dont care if those stuff will be released in 2004 or 2005.
Im just glad that AV are working on it and Bernd is also taking part in it !!!
Im in ecstasy since Sunday night [party]

12 Nov 2003, 17:49
I don't care when it all will be released. I'm definitely not the person who buys everything on the release day. I'll wait and it will come one day.
yeah... and all what I say about dates - is my evil identity. that's not me! [laugh]

12 Nov 2003, 18:27
I waited longer than most for my copy of CS and I didn't complain once...guess I'm a patient person...[laugh]

12 Nov 2003, 19:17
quote:Originally posted by Alien

I don't care when it all will be released. I'm definitely not the person who buys everything on the release day. I'll wait and it will come one day.
yeah... and all what I say about dates - is my evil identity. that's not me! [laugh]

And I like that evil identity! [wink]

I am a patient person who can really long time as long as I get really fast!!!!!!!

15 Nov 2003, 18:18
I will be there in August for sure!
Hope to see you all there!!

15 Nov 2003, 18:22
Cool Jonatan...me too (universe willing)! Will be great to meet you![smile]

15 Nov 2003, 18:22


15 Nov 2003, 18:27
@Kaz: And me............?????

15 Nov 2003, 18:29

You are gonna DRIVE there ?


15 Nov 2003, 18:30
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 Nov 2003, 18:31

We could stop at Güstrow just for fun!!

15 Nov 2003, 18:42
Yes...just for fun....

*remember a fun time in Güstrow....OR [question*


15 Nov 2003, 18:48
At least they had nice icecream and good record shops!!

15 Nov 2003, 18:50

15 Nov 2003, 19:35
I'm gonna be there in August too. I hope to be there. [smile2] would be nice to meet all those who I haven't met yet! [smile2]

15 Nov 2003, 20:34
@Jonatan : I heard about your trip from Hamburg to Berlin in 2002 [wink][laugh]
Like i said before - if it will be in August, no doubt im there !
I wonder when we'll know for sure.................

15 Nov 2003, 20:51
Come to Berlin in August...come to Berlin in August...come to Berlin in August...come to Berlin in August...come to Berlin in August...[laugh]

Great Jonatan! Peter...come too!!! I would soooo love to meet more of you that I haven't yet met in person!

15 Nov 2003, 21:00
quote:Originally posted by Krapplund

@Kaz: And me............?????

Of course Peter! I'm dying to meet you! [beer]

16 Nov 2003, 12:16
I think I'll be there, because I'll have the whole august off from work next year again!

It will be very very nice to meet you. We just have to set the date in time, you know... [beer]

16 Nov 2003, 21:06
Güstrow, AAAAH sweeet memories. :D

I'm looking forward to the book-release most of all releases. THIS IS JUST GONNA ROOOOCK!!!

17 Nov 2003, 15:55
@Toni : so maybe we'll have a chance to meet as well.
Now after i've heard your voice i MUST meet you [wink]

17 Nov 2003, 18:43
Yeah, I'm looking forward to the book more than anything else - will be interesting to see what it's all about... Also looking forward to meeting more of you in Berlin too [smile]

17 Nov 2003, 20:56
You can count on that, Adi! I'll give my best shot to this 'Operation Berlin' [smile]

18 Nov 2003, 04:44
Great to hear it, Toni [smile2]

18 Nov 2003, 17:53
@Mags: [smile]

18 Nov 2003, 18:39
In august, I will hopefully live closer to Berlin than I do now.

18 Nov 2003, 19:37
Where would that be ?

*Please let it be in August.........*

19 Nov 2003, 02:49
Poor brazilians:

A only one show by Alphaville (in Sao Paulo city, 700 KM far away from my city) and a bad marketing campaign to promote the show.

If I remember well, 4 shows were schedule for Alphaville in Brazil. One of them would be 120 KM far away of my city. I remember me and my friends talking about how we would make the trip, what eat, who would make the t-shirts (I made the design), etc...

Even a CD was released to promote this shows (VISIONS FROM DREAMSCAPES). Tell me: what other country got an exclusive CD only to promote shows?? Would be a BIG MOMENT of Alphaville in Brazil. When a band make success in Brazil, the average sell of CDs is about 500.000 to 1.000.000 copies. Would be GREAT for any band.

At the end of story, a only one show and a TV performance on a bad TV program (if I remember well was RAUL GIL TV SHOW).

When AV return to BRAZIL???????????????????

Just a curiosity:
The most played songs by Alphaville in Brazil (nightclubs/radiostations):

1-BIG IN JAPAN (album version)
2-FOREVER YOUNG (album version)
3-DANCE WITH ME (empire remix)
4-ARIANA (sorry, guys, I HATE this song. The fact of this song appear on an AWESOME album like TBB, is until today an enigma to me. I'm sure this is a hidden message by AV...)

Albuns released in Brazil:

Singles 7"
(as far I know, only BIJ)

Singles 12"
(as far I know, only DWM)


13 Jan 2004, 15:51
The interview that Golden Feeling did with Marian in Zwickau is online in English at the Dutch AV FC website:


click on 'visions'

Very interesting regarding what is to come in 2004...

Btw, sorry if you all already knew this. Shows how often I check things...[laugh]

13 Jan 2004, 15:53
well, I didn't know this... so I'm reading... [smile2]

13 Jan 2004, 17:04
Maybe I should recommend them a proper free host without ads ?!

13 Jan 2004, 17:40
Good suggestion Willy - the ads are bloody annoying.

13 Jan 2004, 17:47
Thanks for the info.
I don't like Marian's attitude in the interview.

13 Jan 2004, 17:50
"GF: There was one criticism, I think from a Brit or an American, that said,
among other things, that many songs have a good foundation but lack the kick
to make them something really special. [original quote from that criticism: "I hear
some great ideas in CS, but it really could have been taken to the next level …
simple melodic changes to take advantage of Marian's incredible vocal range, some
rearrangements to keep the songs moving, some more time spent on the vocals
(performance and processing) and a kick ass mix engineer… these things could have
made it magic"; translator]
MG: That was Tanya Wachsmuth. Now Tanya will probably do a remix of one of the
Crazy Show songs.
GF: She's a real producer?
MG: Yes, she's a real music producer. I don't agree with her criticism at all. I thought
it was great how she wrote it, the way she formulated it. Somehow it was a fair
argument. And the moment I heard that she and her husband were producers, I
wrote a letter to them asking if they'd be interested in remixing a song from Crazy
Show. It looks as though we might come to an agreement. "

"I don't agree with her criticism at all", Marian says.

13 Jan 2004, 17:51
Can understand it from Marian's perspective though...CS is his baby...

13 Jan 2004, 17:52
Marian is not the one who buys the cds.

13 Jan 2004, 18:07
We don't have to though do we? At least he's willing to give it a go from someone else's point of view, even the one who criticised him.

13 Jan 2004, 18:37
We have to because we are Alphamaniacs.
I just don't like the "do it better yourself if you can!"-attitude.

13 Jan 2004, 19:02
Artistic temperament [laugh]

13 Jan 2004, 19:13
Well....nice to see what they were talking about all that time....

13 Jan 2004, 19:16
Absolutely Mags...they were gone quite some while...

13 Jan 2004, 20:13
they were away too long... great to know what's been said then...

13 Jan 2004, 22:51
Wonder if Marian will make some song to us (the alphaville fans) and about us at the new album....like a thank you....would be nice...(than I want that he put me together with the AVOL song) [smile2][smile2]

13 Jan 2004, 22:56
hehe... tell him about that! [laugh]

13 Jan 2004, 23:45
Hmm....yeah...I will call him tomorrow....

15 Jan 2004, 16:38
just found out the interviews, quite interesting indeed...
what this quote means : "On the internet there are tracks such as "Kill the Devil" and "Song for no
one but Myself" that haven't been released yet." ?

i only heard about these tracks as projects- does it mean that demos were released ? (i'm in the fog)

15 Jan 2004, 16:41
@ Jetset

It means that Marian has mentioned these songs in the past but they haven't come to light...just as you thought

15 Jan 2004, 20:25
quote:Originally posted by Kaz

@ Jetset

It means that Marian has mentioned these songs in the past but they haven't come to light...just as you thought

so the "such as" -[kill the devil],[...] - was missing in the translation, because the reading lets think the net passes the songs round !

11 Feb 2004, 17:08
Party date anyone?? *dying to know when it will be* [smile]

11 Feb 2004, 18:27
quote:Originally posted by Kaz

Party date anyone?? *dying to know when it will be* [smile]

Dying??? I am already dead and in heaven!

11 Feb 2004, 19:48
Date!! [bouncy]

11 Feb 2004, 21:53
Im also waiting for that (and for the NU light too [wink])
Really hope it would actually be in August......
Yeah Kaz, I know [wink][laugh]

13 Feb 2004, 15:35
right, it would be nice to know a date and can book a flight before it gets expensive...
@kaz+clare: just read there are also easyJet flights to berlin schoenefeld from London Luton £ 17.99 single way (hopefully easyJet pays for the runway...)

hope to see you all soon
all the best

13 Feb 2004, 15:37
*still waithing for this years happening*

13 Feb 2004, 15:56
hopefully THIS year ;)

13 Feb 2004, 15:57
Thanx Anja [smile]

Seems Easyjet is exapnding its routes a lot lately. I will definitely fly from Newcastle though as it's in the north of England, where I am, so it's easier for me to get there (and cheaper [wink]).

See you soon [smile] t.c.

13 Feb 2004, 21:52
Ta for the info Anja!

12 May 2004, 09:04
From Moonbase:

May 12, 2004
Right now Marian is in London working on the brandnew stuff and arranging the music for the upcoming live shows. He sends you best regards! More info soon...

Nice to know that there really is activity! Clare, you're nearer London than I am. Ask Marian if he fancies coming round for a coffee [laugh]

12 May 2004, 09:41
@Anja : make him some spaghetti [wink][laugh]

12 May 2004, 09:48
@ Anja

And don't forget the sugar... [laugh]

12 May 2004, 09:53
and lots of ketchup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [laugh]

12 May 2004, 10:01
that sounds horrible... sugar, ketchup... [yuck]

12 May 2004, 11:37
that sounds not to bad for me.... [smile]

12 May 2004, 11:38
@Anja : i dont know about the suger but ketchup - yeah...[wink][wink]

12 May 2004, 12:02
I'm having bolognese sauce with mine [laugh]

OK, [offtopic]

12 May 2004, 12:35
since I live in London I hardly have ketchup on pasta. thats history and very german :-)

12 May 2004, 12:39

Seems like he's more by your side, Anja, Clare and Kaz, than by our side... [laugh]

12 May 2004, 12:41
@ Alien: more than 400 miles from mine [laugh]

12 May 2004, 12:45
that's not a distance compared to the one from here [laugh]

13 May 2004, 00:29
Ketchup on pasta??[yuck] I don't even think my dad would've done that. I'd better not tell Mark about that one...living in America has not cured him of being Italian..

13 May 2004, 00:53
in Sweden, most people have ketchup to everything....urk

17 May 2004, 13:25
sorry to bother these ketchup issues, but was wondering if someone had translated the radio Interview of Marian -in german-, available for a few days (see Moonbase) ? seems like the guy remained stuck to BIJ, as he quotes the song title all over the interview...

17 May 2004, 13:28
Well said jetset, everyone should know that other issues should be in crap topic.

I would like to see that translation too [wink] anyone ?

17 May 2004, 14:06
I tried to listen but I could not open it... may Alex (joker) could help (again...)

@jetset: ***thanks***

17 May 2004, 14:27
I'll try this evening ...

17 May 2004, 15:38
Pink: When and how has the band been founded at the beginning of the 80s?
M: The band has been founded earlier… at the beginning of the 80s … 81/82. At first it wasn’t meant to be for the public, we only wanted to compose music and to play it to friends or maybe … our keyboard player a that time… Bernd was a DJ in a disco in Enger and sometimes he played some tapes which were generally liked by the audience.. it was a good way to test the stuff.
In 1983 … I had been living in Münster with some people … in some kind of living community … and I went to Berlin, ‘cause I thought that Berlin was the centre of music culture. I met a musician who gave me some addresses of publishers. I played the tape to them and was surprised that all of them wanted to have and sign it. Everything happened very fast… within about 2 months we had a record deal.
Pink: How did you think of the name Alphaville?
M: Well, we haven’t been very good … we’re still not very good musicians, but back then we have been simply horrible. It was more the wish to play music than real ability, but the technical development of that time was very favourable for us. We bought some very cheap sequencers and a rhythm machine … we worked with loops and whatever … We always had trouble with the machines, because we didn’t know much about that as well and had to learn about it at first… and when I saw the film Alphaville by Jean Luc Godard … it’s about a city being controlled by a computer and since we had just as much trouble with computers … we thought it would be a good name for us.
Pink: Your first single in 1984… Big In Japan immediately charted and was not to be stopped...
M: Yeah, it was like that…
Pink: Did you expect that or …
M: That was different … I did expect that in a way, because everything had been so easy… So why should it be that hard to become the No. 1 in Germany or world wide … The complete prehistory was like a dream, so it didn’t surprise me much that the song was No. 1 within 7 weeks.
Pink: In 1984 your hit Big In Japan had been covered by Sandra. She recorded a German version with the title “Japan ist weit”... did you listen to it?
M: I did hear it sometime in the 80s …
Pink: How did you like it?
M: Sweet…
Pink: We are a gay broadcast… Did you have something to do with that topic some day?
M: Yes…’
Pink: How was that for you? Of course it’s nothing special in artist societies…
M: It’s nothing special in general... except that it’s a minority under a social viewpoint and that’s the problem... minorities always have problems in the society, but apart from that it’s quite normal I think…
Pink: I can only agree… Of course there are some people who think different about it …
M: Of course there are ..
Pink: Did you ever think about minorities in general or about gay people in particular? Could that be a possible topic for a song?
M: Of course I thought about the topic … For example Big In Japan is about someone who is … well, not necessarily gay, but it’s about Junkies and about someone who tries to earn money on the street as a prostitute.. that’s the one side from the viewpoint of the drug problems.. There are many experiences in my own life in this direction, but I wouldn’t want to write some “Freedom for gay people” song…

17 May 2004, 16:19
Thank you, Alex!

17 May 2004, 20:08
yes, a LARGE thank indeed to you for this translation - precious members & forum we have !

17 May 2004, 22:14
OH thank you, Alex!
While listening I kept wondering what was said there since I can understand only some words [smile2]
Now I can't even listen to it, so it's nice to have it to read.

17 May 2004, 23:02
@ALEX: YOU ARE A STAR!!!!!!! :-)

18 May 2004, 00:23
I just love the German language!

Thanks for the translation.

26 May 2004, 12:52
waooooo... did you see that UNITED pic at www.alphaville.de?
great! but where am I?[paperbag]

26 May 2004, 13:02
OOHHHHH great - I´m there !!!!

26 May 2004, 13:20
And yes yes yes, I am there tooooooo! :P

Just gotta love ALPHAVILLE!!!

26 May 2004, 13:25
Saw it - great !!!!!!!!! Im there too (oh no...) [laugh]
They took my pic from the forum cause i havent posted it anywhere else.

26 May 2004, 14:19
Pic talk - please here: http://www.alphaville.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1931