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26 Sep 2003, 02:43
Hey - you guys seen this? Ikes.. Anyone have a little bit of spare cash? It would be nice to have but um, not for that price heh..


Tara :)

poul e
26 Sep 2003, 07:29
Too bad it isn't possible to buy these promo releases from Moonbase. It would be so great if hardcorefans (like fanclubmembers) had the opportunity to buy promos!!!

26 Sep 2003, 10:33
Nice stuff [wink][wink]

26 Sep 2003, 12:41
friggin expensive !
And yes, it would be nice if fans could somehow buy these from MoonBase.

26 Sep 2003, 12:49
I thought this (http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2560603756&category=1562) was funny too.

We havent seen this one before, so I smell bootleg.


26 Sep 2003, 13:27
As far as the promo goes, yes it would be nice to buy it, but as we all know it's not really for us anyway. Anyway, we already have all the tracks...

@ Lassie
Yeah, my first thoughts on seeing that were 'bootleg' too...

26 Sep 2003, 13:51
that isn't the point Kaz - some of us are collectors and this is a collectors prize....... you know, kind of like the Visions of Dreamscapes..... we have all of those tracks on Dreamscapes, but Visions is not Dreamscapes just as Excerpts is not Crazyshow - that might not make sense to you, but for me its two different albums and I want them both!!

26 Sep 2003, 14:09
Yeah, well I'm not a collector - I don't see the point really. And in any case, the promo disc is there for a purpose and not for fans, hence not on offer to us from Moonbase, which is the point I was making. I would love to have a promo disc, but for a reason which is to do with promoting Alphaville, and not for my own personal use or a 'prize'.

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, but I view it in the same way as I view autographs - once you have one, why go for anymore? Marian's signature isn't gonna change overnight and why should people have to have every bloody thing they own signed by him? Give the guy a life!

26 Sep 2003, 17:26
well, I agree with the autographs, but as for collecting promos - after it has served its purpose, then it should be fair game for anyone who wants it. I would never want to take the promo before it has been looked at by the radio station, but many of these stations will cast it off and not play it on the radio. Many of the promos you see on ebay have been received, processed and discarded by those who received it and are now being sold because they were not deemed worthy commercially. Some of the older vinyl promos I have were kept at the station for many years before being sold off because the radio station only has so much room in their vaults for this kind of stuff.

I applaud your valiance in not wanting to rob AV from promotional opportunities, but every radio station has one person in charge of the promos - and if it doesn't get past them then it gets tossed and the reality of it is that most of AV's promos are not given the commercial consideration they deserve. So if after being cast aside by a short minded radio program manager, the promo happens to reach ebay, then I think it is best that someone who will treasure it and appreciate it for what it is should really have it instead of it getting thrown away.

I am a collector and actually holding all of Alphaville's treasures in my hands to me is the best tribute I can give this band. Everything they release is important to me. And if you recall - the excerpts of crazyshow has been out in the world since January of 2003 - surely in 9 months it has served its promotional purpose? I don't ask you to accept a collectors viewpoint - but I value my Alphaville collection above all else that I personally own - it is a truly a treasure chest - something I will never part with and besides that - some of these releases have different mixes on them, so not only do I get to hold it in my hands, but I get to listen to new versions of Alphaville songs and that is also something you cannot put a price on and believe me, I force everyone to hear them so the promotional opportunities exist far beyond what consideration the radio station gave it. Don't worry, I did not think your words were harsh, I understand why you said them, but I don't believe owning a promo means that you are denying Alphaville promotional opportunities. Those have already occurred by the time you can actually find one of these promos. That is also another reason I collect, its for the hunt - chasing down a lost promo is a hunt, its an adventure and its luck all rolled into one! Promos like the Flame and Today promos which were actually not released to radio due to WEA cancelling the singles were difficult to find but worth the hunt alone!

Anyway, I don't ask you to accept it, just understand it. Once it has served its purpose, a promo is truly fair game!

26 Sep 2003, 17:31
Remember, some promos have great versions not released in any other format, the best example is the 12" version of Wishful Thinking ONLY released on the promo of the single, which Iīm glad to own [wink]

26 Sep 2003, 17:33
As far as the promo having served its purpose, I disagree completely. We haven't even started to get it here in the UK yet and won't for a few months more...

I think you missed my point of my first post entirely. I never said there was anything wrong in owning the promo, I just said (in reply to someone else's opinion) that we won't get it offered to us from Moonbase because it's not meant for us. By all means, if it is for sale on ebay (or whatever), then buy one. I never said either that owning one would deny Alphaville any promotional opportunities. If you feel the need to have one, then have one. That was not my point anyway.

26 Sep 2003, 17:33
yeah that Mars Attax Mix of Wishful Thinking rocks doesn't it?

26 Sep 2003, 17:37
Oh no, itīs the Extended Version on the 5" CD promo, 6.13 of pure pleasure, compared to the single version, which is 3.58 ! Both mixes by Turbobeat - very rare...

Itīs only available on this promo: WEA PRO6280/PRCD618

26 Sep 2003, 17:52
KAZ - I responded as I did not because I MISSED your point - you said you didn't see the point of collecting so I simply tried to enlighten you.... guess I failed! hehe

You have to look at the promos on an individual basis not on a country by country viewpoint. Besides that.... how do you know that no radio stations in the UK have received it? Maybe it was never meant to be sent there in the first place? As for the excerpts promo I think it was meant to be a promo for record labels, not radio stations so I don't think any stations received it at all - but I could be wrong.

26 Sep 2003, 17:56
Oh yes, Willy - I have that one, but I still prefer the version from the 12" vinyl better!!

quote:Originally posted by wii

Oh no, itīs the Extended Version on the 5" CD promo, 6.13 of pure pleasure, compared to the single version, which is 3.58 ! Both mixes by Turbobeat - very rare...

Itīs only available on this promo: WEA PRO6280/PRCD618

26 Sep 2003, 18:03
@ Russ

No, that was in response to my second post - I've already stated what I meant with my original one, which is when you then went on about collecting [laugh] No matter...horses for courses...[smile]

As far as knowing whether radio stations in the UK have the promo disc or not, I just know.

26 Sep 2003, 18:12
no need to get rude now just because you don't collect! If you didn't mean what you meant in the second post then you shouldn't have posted! every post is fair game for a response so you should expect it.

as for the secret that you have - glad to know that you know it!!

26 Sep 2003, 20:39
I am a huuge collector and I love getting my hands on promos. No, they aren't made for the fans per say - they are made to promote. However, as Willy said - they often are wanted because they have different artwork/edits/mixes on them that you can't get elsewhere.

Now as for what russ said. It would be cool in some ways if we could just by the promos from the artists, but on the other hand that would make promos not so easily treasured. Face it, I think half the fun of collecting is the chase.. If it takes you a while to get your hands on it, or to score a deal (instead of paying an arm and a leg for it) then when you finally DO have it, it's like mission accomplished. Being able to buy promos from the artists would therefore not make them promos. So I think it should be hard to get them. That is the point behind collecting (well hard core collecting as opposed to normal collecting as in get all the releases of your fav band) Same thing with t-shirts, posters, etc. It is the rarity of such items that makes collecting fun and worthile. (not to mention worth the wait to get items.)

Anyways, that's my take.

Tara :)

26 Sep 2003, 20:56
@ Russ

Excuse me??? Me being rude? Exactly where at? And as for meaning what I post, I mean every word. Just read what I write and understand it is all I ask.

Secret? There are no secrets.

26 Sep 2003, 20:57
quote:Originally posted by lassie

I thought this (http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2560603756&category=1562) was funny too.

We havent seen this one before, so I smell bootleg.

They like to do that kind of stuff here. I see russian letters on cover. [smile] They just take songs from First Harvest, make new cover and get new CD. [smile2]

poul e
27 Sep 2003, 06:44
I want all songs & remixes made by Alphaville, but some of them are very hard to find because they only exist on promos.

Examples: Feathers & tar, Wishful thinking, Romoes, Mysteries of love, And I wonder, Fools & DWM 2001. All these promos contain some versions not found elsewhere.....maybe we now know what's on the upcoming "Rarities" album????

Those sort of promos would be cool to get. But as it's only possible to buy them at places like e-bay I very rarely get my hands on them because I can't afford to buy such expensive records. That's why I said that it would be great if it was possible to buy some promos from Moonbase!!! It doesn't matter to me just how rare these promos are....I just want all Alphaville songs & remixes!!!

27 Sep 2003, 14:31
@ Poul_e
Maybe you've just hit the nail on the head! This could be what's on the 'Rarities' album...

27 Sep 2003, 17:56
speaking of Rarities.....sure wish they would tell us what really is on this album...... the suspense is really killing me!!!

As for ebay.... I think we can all agree that its a great place to find the stuff you are looking for. The only problem I have with ebay is the prices get out of hand - does anyone else remember when the Feathers and Tar Promo CD was auctioned off at over 300 dollars? yikes!

As for what Dingerz said.... yes, the chase and the capture of something rare is truly indeed most of the thrill!

28 Sep 2003, 16:08
Hmm...Iīm a collecter I think. I know the begining of my collection....I had some albums and so from Alphaville and was listening at the internet broadcasting channel "Ivory Tower" and heard a song from Marian Goldīs solo-album "So Long Celeste"...I just hade to get a copy after that....I took a look at eBay and found a ex...It was my after some days and 25 USD later....And from that day I just want to have all the stuff that Alphaville have made and make...I just love to take a look at the diffrent covers, listen to new songs (remixes and so on)...take a day and listen thru all my vinyls....and having a beer...[smile] I donīt want to pay to mutch fo the rarites, but somethimes I just have to pay...I love my Alphaville collection...[love]

@Jonatan: Just say a date and we will have the Alphaville-PARTY!!! A weekend just with Alphaville music....and beer. I know some more that wantīs to come that weekend...[party][party]

28 Sep 2003, 23:40
I own all the albums but no singles. It's just that I never see the point in having them all. Maybe I'm not that enthusiastic.

29 Sep 2003, 00:00
I'm not a collector... at all.

29 Sep 2003, 02:26
What's the most rare Alphaville article?

Remember, what's rare for one, perhaps isn't rare for another...

But, what's the most hard to find article, or the most wanted for old and new fans?


29 Sep 2003, 02:49
Well, the most rare item that I know of is Bernhard's Atlantic Popes Promo CD Single for World called Twelve Inch World - he made them himself and I think only 50 were made so that makes it pretty rare.....

As for Alphaville as a whole, I don't have any numbers but here is a list of some very rare items:

Feathers and Tar Promo CD Single (was never released as single)
Today Promo CD Single (was never released as single)
History Cassette (only given to fanclub members in 1993)
WEA Flame Promo CD Single (never released as a single)
Dance With Me Paul van dyk Promo CD Single (I think it was only 500 - 1000 made)
Forever Young 2001 Promo CD Single (flopped - so the DWM promo was used instead - only think 500 exist)
Elegy Bonus CD Single (only 700 made)

I am sure that what makes an item rare might be that demand exceeds what is actually out there, but I would pick these to be rare simply because not a lot of them existed in the first place.....

Not sure about the vinyl, but I believe the rarest of those would be the Sensations 12" vinyl Single but I am sure there are more, like the white label dj promo of BIJ 92......

Oh yeah, legend has it that there exists a Salvation promo cassette..... but until I know somebody who has it, its still just a rumor!! ;)

poul e
29 Sep 2003, 06:47
@Russ: There's also these:

Dance wit me 2001 (only VERY few were made with the misprint - and I have one of them [smile])
Jerusalem 12" (very hard to find in Scandinavia!)
Romeos 12" (with Tribal Mixes - very hard to find in Scandinavia!)

I didn't know that only 50 copies of the "World CD single" were made! How does the cover really look like? I have a CDR with white cover made from ordinary paper with just "World - Atlantic Popes" written on it.

And I think more or less all promos are rare....I'd really like to find Wishful thinking 12" with the remixes not included elsewhere!!

29 Sep 2003, 08:16
@Russ: take a look at my collection....www.krapplund.com/collection (http://www.krapplund.com/collection)...maybe you find some rumos [wink][wink]

29 Sep 2003, 21:50
quote:Originally posted by Krapplund

@Russ: take a look at my collection....www.krapplund.com/collection (http://www.krapplund.com/collection)...maybe you find some rumos [wink][wink]




30 Sep 2003, 01:57
oh my!!! Peter! It does exist!!!!

Nice collection and website..... one of these days I will find the time to get mine put together.... but that tape..... wow! Nice find!

Way to go.... I am impressed!!!!

30 Sep 2003, 04:44
What a BIG and wonderful collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!


30 Sep 2003, 07:55
@Russ: Yes it exist for sure...have it at home [wink] Thanks for the nice words about the page...THANKS!!

@Valdemar: Thanks...for some years ago it was small [smile]

Hope that everybody visit my homepage www.krapplund.com and VOTE on my poll!!!! THANKS! DANKE! TACK!! [wink]

21 Nov 2003, 14:19

I was looking on ebay and guess what i saw... a Songlines LaserDisc. Wish I could play it. [sad]

21 Nov 2003, 14:25

An phonecard to promote Alphaville's "First Harvest".

21 Nov 2003, 14:31
I have it in my collection...thereīs very many out there...notis 1984-1991

19 May 2004, 18:01
there are lots of good stuff at ebay (CS, UNITED, SO LONG CELESTE, FLAME...)




19 May 2004, 18:52
The best thing I ever saw on ebay was a BIJ jacket - I missed out on it, of course.

20 May 2004, 08:24
I have some stuff I miss in my collection....but I never find it on eBay..[sad]

24 Dec 2015, 13:15
Does anyone know anything about this object:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alphaville-Forever-Young-2004-Instrumental-German-ACE-TATE-PR0M0-CD-SINGLE/161920482200?_trksid=p2047675.c100012.m1985&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%2 6asc%3D34492%26meid%3D72430e0abc1147d1a43fd90ba2b7 38c0%26pid%3D100012%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D10%26sd%3D311 444094781

Main question being: Is it a version really coming from AV or not ?