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10 Sep 2003, 08:06
Spring Greetings from MacAngel in Cape Town, South Africa[angel]

Whew, the last 3 months of my life have been hectic ( www.soundfx.co.za/cdnews.htm ) but I'm here to answer your questions...

I've just read through some messages on this forum & I'd like to thank you all for supporting Bernhard, AtlanticPopes, Alphaville and also for your interest in my track that Bernd ReMixed last year, "Le Mystique Sonar".

This track features on my debut album "Sample This" and can be purchased online at www.kalahari.net in South Africa (http://www.kalahari.net/mus/product.asp?toolbar=&sku=25392988&format=detail)

I'm sure that you're all curious to know when the new MacAngel album "Summer in Berlin" will be released?

Well this is all work-in-progress at the moment and I am currently in negotiations with 2 South African Record Co's about prospective Licensing and/or Album opportunities

A launch date and/or release date is unconfirmed at this stage BUT I already have a backlog of pre-orders from fans on my 'VIP' list

More soon...

10 Sep 2003, 08:32
hmmm...... sounds cool! The title of your new album.... does it have anything to do with Alphaville's Summer in Berlin?

10 Sep 2003, 08:32
Welkom Mac. Remember I am one of those VIP fans

da m@j0r AKA Norman van Wyk

10 Sep 2003, 11:27
Welcome to the forum MacAngel!!

Bought your debut album 'Sample This' and I really loves it... I am waiting for the second one...

Wish you all the best in your future projects and thank you for joining us!

10 Sep 2003, 13:29

10 Sep 2003, 14:38
Welcome to the forum!

10 Sep 2003, 15:32
Hello [wave]

11 Sep 2003, 14:26
Welcome !
Nice to have you here [beer]

11 Sep 2003, 19:16
Hope you will enjoy your stay and not only stay in the AP-forum :)

16 Sep 2003, 08:49
MacAngel is back [angel]

Apologies for my delayed responses, I will attempt to publish news updates and answers to your questions once a week.

OK, let me start by saying THANK YOU ALL for welcoming me to the forums! It is gr8 to be here and to feel your positive energy [smile]

-Time to answer some Q&A starting with "russharvey".
Thanx for your gr8 question about my new album title "Summer in Berlin"...
strictly speaking my MacAngel - Summer in Berlin album title was decided between Bernhard & myself. I wanted to use a title that would reflect our collaboration in Berlin and it just worked out that I would be in the studio with Bernd in June, which is Summer in Germany & Europe. Furthermore, once we got chatting about "Summer in Berlin", Bernd informed me of some of the Historical significance behind the title so this meant that "Summer in Berlin" ultimately had 2 conotations, gr8 stuff:)

Incedently the Alphaville song "Summer in Berlin" deals with the Historical aspect
of "Summer in Berlin".

-Now for a response to "mAjor".
Thanx for your vote of confidence Norman [wink] You have been added to my VIP order list
and once I'm ready to publish a release date you & the rest of the forum will be the first to know!

As a matter of interest, "VIP" orders will be despatched before the official launch party which will be held in Cape Town but this date, like the release date is still work-in-progress.

-"Fallen Angel", many thanx for your warm welcome and your comments regarding my 1st album "MacAngel - Sample This" [spin]
Sample This is a gr8 album which has done well for me in South Africa, after I released it independently in July 2002.
If you would like to view some pics of the launch party at Buddhabar in Cape Town pls visit: www.soundfx.co.za/launch.htm

Once again for those of you who are interested in buying a copy of "MacAngel - Sample This, final edition" pls visit: www.kalahari.net
or direct link: http://www.kalahari.net/mus/product.asp?toolbar=&sku=25392988&format=detail

PLEASE NOTE: that this album is on SALE and there are only limited CD's available. Once the current stock of "Sample This" gets sold out, NO MORE COPIES WILL BE PRESSED!!! This means that there will only be a limited number of CD's in the world and therefore "Sample This" will become a collectors item...

OK, that's it for this session, I hope you enjoyed my comments and I look FW to receiving more Q&A from all of you soon:)

Chat again in a week...

16 Sep 2003, 10:49
Is that a confirmation about 'Summer In Berlin' then?

20 Sep 2003, 10:12
quote:Originally posted by MacAngel

This means that there will only be a limited number of CD's in the world and therefore "Sample This" will become a collectors item...

LOL Look at that confidence!

09 Oct 2003, 05:58
Greetings from {MacAngel} [angel]

I'm back with some gr8 News & Updates [jump]

Check out the New look {MacAngel} site at www.soundfx.co.za/macangel.htm

> Read the Biog - when did {MacAngel} start his music career?
> Any CD News? - find out more about the {MacAngel} songs on the UK TV series "Fashion House"
> How to Order CD's? - various options available, order your fav {MacAngel} CD NOW!
&gt; What about MP3? - there are select trax available for [u]download</u> or [u]streaming audio</u>

Also: Reviews, Comments, Links and more coming soon...

Cheers/Tschuss [wink]

09 Oct 2003, 08:09
Wow! Wow! and even more Wow!!

This site is great!! Like the Angels! [smile2]

Thanks for sharing this with us.

09 Oct 2003, 09:06

Found this on the page Alphaville - Victory of Love (DJ MacAngel ReMix)


09 Oct 2003, 09:25
@MacAngel, when will The Victory of Love version be ready?

10 Oct 2003, 14:03
@Krapplund : You're one lucky dude !!!
I know that every possible version of AVOL is your wet dream [wink][beer]

10 Oct 2003, 16:00
His wet dream Adi?? [laugh] [laugh]

10 Oct 2003, 16:09



10 Oct 2003, 17:48
YEAH iīm a luckey dude [laugh]

Hope I get the chance to listen to the cover....

quote:Originally posted by alpha-x

@Krapplund : You're one lucky dude !!!
I know that every possible version of AVOL is your wet dream [wink][beer]

10 Oct 2003, 23:52
I didnt mean it in the naughty way....
Krapplund knows what i meant !!!!
Right baby ? [love][wink]
AVOL RULES !!!!!!!!
Marian's voice is so special on this one !

11 Oct 2003, 12:14
YEAH I know...[love]

16 Oct 2003, 05:55
Anyone seen this? Behind the scenes look at MacAngels Berlin trip - click here to download the video http://www.soundfx.co.za/video/macangel-berlin.mpg MacAngel in Bernhard's studio! Just a pity we can't see or hear Mr L.

@MacAngel: When will the secret link be up?

16 Oct 2003, 07:54
quote:Originally posted by mAjor

Anyone seen this? Behind the scenes look at MacAngels Berlin trip - click here to download the video http://www.soundfx.co.za/video/macangel-berlin.mpg MacAngel in Bernhard's studio! Just a pity we can't see or hear Mr L.

@MacAngel: When will the secret link be up?

Yes I had send a message, and already received an error.... but no link at all....

23 Oct 2003, 05:25
Video seems to be downloading fine tonight...... but like Krapplund I am really curious about this new remix of AVOL!!??

23 Oct 2003, 05:42
Gruss aus Cape Town, Sud Afrika [angel]

A quick update regarding the 'secret' mp3 download links...
At this stage I can't release any download links due to copyright issues!

I am hoping to get clearance soon for a 'radio edit' version of {MacAngel} meets Bernhard Lloyd - Le Mystique Sonar (Alpha-Omega Mix).

The 'DJ MacAngel' ReMix of Victory of Love might not be released as permission has not been granted by the Record Company that owns the original copyright! They see this ReMix as an unauthorised mix or 'bootleg' mix (which is an infringement of copyright) and therefore cannot allow a free commercial download

I will keep you posted if anything changes...

I see that some of you have beat me to announcing the [b]FREE {MacAngel} VIDEO DOWNLOAD:
A 'behind the scenes look at {MacAngel} in Bernhard Lloyd's Berlin Studio'.

Visit {MacAngel} online for video download link at www.soundfx.co.za/cdnew.htm

1. click on the 'hot links' to download or 'right click' and use the 'save as' option...
2. please note that the 2 minute Mpeg amateur video is 22Mb!

23 Oct 2003, 08:18
Record Company [banghead][banghead][banghead][banghead][banghead]

23 Oct 2003, 16:47
well, that sucks!

23 Oct 2003, 16:53
Damn!! Live is unfair!

25 Oct 2003, 02:03
Too bad, would have loved to hear a remix of AVOL....
Let's wait and see

17 Nov 2003, 04:38
Greetings friends, Mac is back [angel]

1. As of 16 November 2003, 5FM Music (SA's #1 Radio Network) has officially selected the {MacAngel} track "Inspirational" for regular playlisting after a trial run on their night radio line-up!!!

Listen to "Inspirational" in streaming audio by visiting www.soundfx.co.za/cdnew.htm (The streaming link can be found under the tracklisting on the site)

Keep checking the forums for more updates and coming soon... NEWS about the official {MacAngel} Summer in Berlin CD Launch [bouncy]

17 Nov 2003, 19:59
Always nice to hear some news!!

And keep the beat going on!!!

18 Dec 2003, 11:19
Summer Greetings from {MacAngel} [angel]

There is a lot of NEWS to share but let me start by wishing all of you a Joyous Christmas & a Peaceful New Year 2004! View Christmas card at www.soundfx.co.za/picstemp.htm

A special note to all of you that have been supporting the "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" album project so far...

THANK YOU for your e-mails, SMS messages, phone calls and comments on the Alphaville & AtlanticPopes forums, you're all gr8 and I can't wait to share my entire "Summer in Berlin" album with you [bouncy]

As a token of my thanx & appreciation, I have added more trax to the final "Summer in Berlin" album tracklisting, offering greater value & more music for your money.

The additional trax are currently being mastered in Germany!

The {MacAngel} MP3 page (www.soundfx.co.za/mp3.htm) has been updated and has some NEW downloadable MP3 or streaming samples, enjoy [glasses]

NEWS & INFO about the official "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" CD LAUNCH, scheduled for early 2004. This is going to be an AWESOME EVENT! [jump]

1. You can pre-order your "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" CD and receive your album 1 - 2 weeks before the official commercial release CD hits the shelves! The are more benefits for pre-ordering... pls visit www.soundfx.co.za/orders.htm for more info.

2. As of 16 November 2003, "Inspirational" was officially selected for playlisting on 5FM Music Radio - www.5fm.co.za (South Africa's largest pop/rock radio network) after a trial run on their night radio line-up!!! more info @ www.soundfx.co.za/cdnews.htm

Listen to "Inspirational" in streaming audio by visiting www.soundfx.co.za/cdnew.htm (The streaming audio link can be found under the tracklisting on the page)

3. There is a FREE Video Download at www.soundfx.co.za/cdnew.htm This is a 'behind the scenes look at {MacAngel} in Bernhard Lloyd's Berlin Studio'.

THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and enjoying my music [spin]

Tap to you in 2004...

18 Dec 2003, 12:01
*still miss the AVOL cover* [wink][wink]

19 Dec 2003, 08:35
Great to see so much good news!!!

If we could hear also good news about that cover of AVOL then I know someone who will be really happy!

19 Dec 2003, 15:23
yeah, at least put it on the album so that we can hear it when we buy it!!!

31 Dec 2003, 14:43
MacAngel returns [angel]


I have just received clearance from my Record Company to release a FREE download link for "Le Mystique Sonar" [jump]

This is the dance track that Bernhard remixed on my first album "DJ MacAngel - Sample This, final edition".

Here's the download link: www.soundfx.co.za/demo/DJ MacAngel meets Bernhard Lloyd - Le Mystique Sonar[Radio Edit].mp3

(If u have problems downloading, pls copy the full link into your browser address line & click enter...)

Enjoy [headphones]

and... HAPPY 2004 [beer]

31 Dec 2003, 16:25
Thank you very much!

A great track from a great album!

May the beat goes on in 2004!!

29 Jan 2004, 08:16
Greetings all,

{MacAngel} is back [angel]

Almost a month has past since my last posting on the forums but I have some gr8 news!!!

It's official... [phone]

...after 17 months of preparation & planning, it is time to announce the premier of "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" on Thurs, 26Feb04 in Cape Town, South Africa! [jump]

I have to say it, "This is a gr8 album!"

Here's a quote: "MacAngel’s composition, coupled with Bernhard's vast experience and impeccable production skills, make this an album that ranks up there alongside the best".

Pre-order your copy of "Summer in Berlin" [u]NOW</u> & receive some gr8 benefits! Order info at www.soundfx.co.za/orders.htm

p.s. If you have already pre-ordered your {MacAngel} CD album, you will be contacted soon for correct postal info.

Thanx for your support [smile]

29 Jan 2004, 08:46
Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Wooohooo ! Oops.... Sorry, but I am so excited, I am so happy ! ! !

Can't wait for that mail!!

29 Jan 2004, 10:50
Hmm...wonder if I could pay thru PayPal [question]

29 Jan 2004, 11:10
I wonder about that too - PayPal is the easiest way for us.

29 Jan 2004, 12:03
Yes...very easy both for us and for him....

29 Jan 2004, 12:17
...and most of all - cheap !

26 Feb 2004, 07:18

Today (Thurs, 26Feb04) is the official CD launch of "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" produced in Germany under the expert guidance of Bernhard Lloyd!!!

Thank you all for supporting the "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" CD album project [angel]

An update to let you know that our distribution warehouse has just received stock of "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" [jump]

We will be dispatching CD orders from Monday next week (1Mar04) and then we will present you with our payment & shipping options for international orders...

Gruss aus Kap Stadt [angel]

26 Feb 2004, 11:11
What about some more details about this release ? Whatīs included and so on.


Will it only be available through your site ? Can we pay with PayPal ?

26 Feb 2004, 11:11
Always good to hear some good news from our friend MacAngel!!!

I am waiting to hear you great music! [party]

An Happy Angel!!!!

01 Mar 2004, 15:06
Hello Everybody!

{MacAngel} is back [angel]

The official "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" CD Launch held on Thurs, 26Feb04 was AWESOME [wave]

Launch pics coming soon...

I am happy to announce that the "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" CD album is available to order [call]

South Africa is NOT part of PayPal BUT I can offer you 2 payment options... for more info e-mail me direct macangel@soundfx.co.za and we can process & post your order within 24hrs [bouncy]

01 Mar 2004, 15:10
Any chance to hear some short samples om mp3, so we have an idea on what we are paying for ?

01 Mar 2004, 18:54
Hi wii,


You can listen to some short mp3 samples at: www.soundfx.co.za/mp3.htm and there's also a video download at: www.soundfx.co.za/cdnew.htm

Enjoy, I look FW to receiving an order from you soon [call]

11 Mar 2004, 13:31
Hello Everybody [angel]

For International Orders, you can place your order for "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" here: http://www.kalahari.net/mus/product.asp?toolbar=&sku=27747619&format=detail


Pics from the official "Summer in Berlin" CD launch are now online at: www.soundfx.co.za/launch2.htm

Enjoy [wave]

11 Mar 2004, 13:35
Looks like you had fun at the party [party] - I donīt blame you, as far as I can see...[wink]

10 Apr 2004, 09:01
Hello everybody [angel]

Excellent NEWS:
Download FREE chart-topping hit "Love is the Hunter" featuring {MacAngel} on vocals at SAMP3.COM (www.samp3.com)

*** NEW - NEW - NEW - NEW - NEW - NEW ***

Preview the FULL "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" CD album!!!

The MP3 page has been updated with downloadable samples of ALL 15 trax at: www.soundfx.co.za/mp31.htm

Visit the official {MacAngel} website for:

&gt; Current News + Playlist, Chart info & Updates:

&gt; Reviews & Comments:

&gt; Official CD Launch pics:

&gt; Order info (SA & International orders):

&gt; MP3 samples of complete album:

THANK YOU for your support and enjoying my music [smile]

10 Apr 2004, 16:59
Thank you for the samples! But I have the real stuff and nothing can beat that!

Bernhard Lloyd
02 May 2004, 22:11
This is just to let you know that there is
a full length mp3 online of
"Love is a hunter"
...itīs still NOT the soundquality which is
provided on the MacAngel-Album...but at least it gives an imagination for what you are paying for....
i was very unhappy with the soundquality of short extracts on MacAngels website...
although iīm still extremely happy with the result on the album...

Bernhard Lloyd
02 May 2004, 22:15
looks like as if i forgot the link...stupid me...but i just realized that it was posted in the other topic already...anyway here it is:

07 May 2004, 12:12
Sounds great - I should order this album asap.

07 May 2004, 12:25
@wii - not asap order NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07 May 2004, 12:35
Send me some money, and I will order it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [wink]

07 May 2004, 12:43
I could send you the cd.... but it's to good so I keep it myself!![smile2]

08 May 2004, 14:41
It sounds wonderful Bernd.....I want to have this album! Unfortunately I am broke for about the next year...[sad]

21 May 2004, 19:09
I tried to order the CD, but apparently it hasnīt arrived to Germany yet - @Angel, how/where did you order ?

21 May 2004, 19:26
Hellooooo everybody, the {MacAngel} is back [angel]

"Love is the Hunter" has just moved up the www.samp3.com Charts to #5!

With your help, {MacAngel's} poppy dance track "Love is the Hunter" CAN move UP to #1!


Download [u]FREE</u> chart-topping hit "Love is the Hunter" featuring {MacAngel} on vocals at SAMP3.COM [www.samp3.com]

For up-to-date ORDER info, pls visit: www.soundfx.co.za/orders.htm

Here you can ORDER international or direct from {MacAngel}

21 May 2004, 19:33
Very nice, but sometimes I wish you actually read the posts in your topic MacAngel.


I got this mail when I tried a few moments ago:

You will be informed via email about the paying-procedure as soon as the Cdīs arrive in Germany. We want to be able to you send the CD the day we recieve your money.

21 May 2004, 20:19
First I had send an e-mail to sales@soundfx.co.za. I had gave them all the info they needed. Later I made a payment on their account and I confirmed this to them.

I also confirmed this in a mail to MacAngel and he confirmed me that the money was arrived and the cd was send to me.

Bernhard Lloyd
22 May 2004, 19:56
hi willy,
you ordered the cd via www.atlanticpopes.de
...which is great...
and you recieved an automatic email reply
whcih should be redone. sorry for that.
but in the meantime you should have recieved the proper
reply with all the details regarding payment.

23 May 2004, 00:36
Yes, ordered submitted - should be ok now.

02 Jun 2004, 18:53
Greetings from {MacAngel} in Cape Town [angel]

gr8 news...
"Love is the Hunter" has just topped the SAMP3 and MWEB download charts at: http://www.mweb.co.za/hubs/entertainment/music/download.aspx

...it's official, [b]MacAngel's "Love is the Hunter" is #1!!! [jump]

THANK YOU for supporting & enjoying my "MacAngel - Summer in Berlin" CD Album!!! [wave]

09 Jun 2004, 19:55
Just listened to an interview with MacAngel on SAFM. I have a mp3 of that, which can be downloaded via Soulseek (my username kakstorie). Or perhaps willy can put it on the site?

09 Jun 2004, 20:00
... and also Love Is The Hunter is at #1 for the second week on samp3.com!!!

09 Jun 2004, 20:26
Glad to hear it! That song deserves it!!!

Love Is The Hunter --&gt; No 1!!!

13 Jun 2004, 15:39
Hello Everybody [angel]

You can download the {MacAngel} Radio interview that mAjor mentioned by visiting: www.soundfx.co.za/cdnews.htm

28 Jun 2004, 12:58
"Love is the hunter" is definately my favorite from this CD - great work !!! We listen to it every day here at work.

04 Jul 2004, 09:43
Thanx Willy [smile]

Did you read the "Thank you" notes on my CD?

I really appreciate all the support from the AP & AV forums [wave]

04 Jul 2004, 09:46
Oh yes, thanks for supporting us too [wink]

08 Jul 2004, 08:14
@MacAngel : Do you have any statistics on the number of CDs sold?

18 Jul 2004, 08:13
I don't have any specific sales stats at this point, but I can say that I have received a steady flow of orders from around the world!

After 1 year of releasing "Summer in Berlin" (26Feb04 - 26Feb05) I'm hoping to have sold enough CD's to start thinking about a possible 3rd {MacAngel} album, but I won't be sure until 2005...

28 Jul 2004, 18:27
Hello everybody [angel]

{MacAngel} info & free mp3 download NOW online at Amazon.com

Here's the direct link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0002QPNEA/qid%3D1091034949/sr%3D11-1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/002-4493362-1502403#product-details

26 Oct 2004, 19:35
Grrreeetings frineds, Mac is back!

I heard that there have been a few "rumbles" in the forums... basically, peeps wondering where I've been?

Hey, I'm right here... checking out the "Summer in Berlin" review in this months edition of SL Mag (SA magazine called Student Life)... and moving forward, planning, assessing, contemplating the right ingridients for a {MacAngel} #3 CD, hmmm...

So anyways, anyone out there buy/order my 'SIB' CD?

...and any constructive critisism or comments?

Your opinions and ideas are important!


MacAngel out!

26 Oct 2004, 19:53
Did I saw there somewhere '3rd cd'?????

And what can we expect? Same great songs as on the previous two cd's?

Would really like more songs like 'Love is the hunter', 'Hola!' and 'Mega Mix'.

And yes, great to see you back![smile2]

25 May 2005, 19:17

I'm working on some NEW {MacAngel} material... sssshhhh, it's a SECRET!!!

Anyone like Electronic sounds like Kraftwerk???

Poooooof, {MacAngel} is gone...

until next time [angel]

25 May 2005, 20:55
Did I heard there an angel????

We like everything that comes from MacAngel.... Yes we do!!!!![approve]

Waiting for summerrain or anything else...[sing]

23 Aug 2006, 16:45
... and suddenly this mirror is in front of me. It must be a mirror (OK, I also had a couple of Castle draughts), because the other guy is wearing the same Atlantic Popes top as me and I am the only one in South Africa with one!! Or so I thought. And then I realise the other guy is McAngel!! It is raining and we are both in a hurry, so with a quick how are you and other exchanges we each go our own way. So what is he up to I wonder..........

23 Aug 2006, 18:53
a new cd!!!!! a new cd!!! and if it is not a new cd, then it should be two new cd's!!!!!![laugh]

23 Aug 2006, 19:01
That is a cool story mAjor, did you ask him to take a quick look at the forum again, or would that be too specific ? In any case, I´m sure he will pop in someday and say something.

13 Oct 2008, 18:43
Greetings from our dear friend MacAngel!!!!

He asked me to inform you all that you can download 3 tracks.

"I thought you might be interested in the NEW MacAngel traxx?

Download exclusively at - http://www.rhythmrecords.co.za/store/viewAlbum.asp?idAlbum=1120"

Names of the songs:

Inspirational (Eric M ReMix)
Drive 2 Be Alive

So everybody download this songs!!

13 Oct 2008, 19:12
I've only heard snippets but I think his music sounded sort of cheap and cheesy... not my cup of tea anyway.

15 Oct 2008, 21:34
I've only heard snippets but I think his music sounded sort of cheap and cheesy... not my cup of tea anyway.

Ahhh moon you are completely right it is pretty cheesy, like vince clarke's early stuff except they use digital stuff no analogue.

10 Aug 2012, 11:33
Wondering where he is flying now...