View Full Version : AV German shows at end of August - help!

07 Jul 2003, 20:43
I just realized something...

I am all excited because I can see 2 AV shows when I am in Germany this August but um.. I NEED TICKETS!! The last thing I want is for there to be none left when I get there.

Is there any online site I can buy them? Or how can I get them? If anyone knows, please help!

Tara :)

07 Jul 2003, 20:50
@ Tara

Are there any links to the event websites on the live section at av.de?

Btw, thanks for the video - super cool!!!! [smile]

07 Jul 2003, 21:34
@Tara : Kaz is right. Usually AV.de gives a link to the event's website or a telephone number.
You can wait or simply ask Claudia about this.
Good luck !

07 Jul 2003, 22:31
I'd like to go these shows too. But my trip to Germany will be very hard to organize. Visa, train or plane tickets, tickets to the shows, place to stay... Without help from someone in Germany I won't make it for sure... but I don't know if I should try it at all... I'm in doubts...

08 Jul 2003, 03:34
Alien - you can stay with us if you'd like! That is no prob! I have not booked any hostel for when we are at the shows yet so that's fine.

Seriously! The more the better anyways right? E-mail me. dingerzdm@yahoo.com

@kaz and adi - thanks, I think I will ask Claudia to help. I have been to the event webpages but I didn't see anywhere to order them online. Maybe a few long distance phonecalls are needed anyways.

Tara :)

14 Jul 2003, 22:14
I really need HELP.

I have money to go to Zwickau and Saalfeld. And I have strong desire to go there.
But to get into Germany I need german visa. To apply for visa I should have an invitation from somebody with german citizenship and better living in Berlin. Inviter's signature should be certified by special organization...

that's what german embassy's site says about it:

Anybody who could help me??? I'm desperate...

14 Jul 2003, 23:53
Hi, I think for Tara, the best way would be for one of the Germans to order a ticket for you along with theirs, as it's cheaper if it's sent to an address in Germany, and there seems only to be a facility for cash on delivery.

Alien, all the best in getting your Visa. Trying to think who we could ask.

16 Jul 2003, 18:14
Ack, anyone here going to the shows? If you are, please - PLEASE get in touch with me!! I need 2 tickets for each show.

Tara :)

01 Aug 2003, 09:02
@ Dingerz

Did you get tickets?

01 Aug 2003, 17:06
Dingerz has accomodation organised via Golden Feeling and how to get tickets at the venue is on the email I forwarded via the forum.

01 Aug 2003, 20:39
Thinking about tickets for the festival in Saalfeld - will it be worth it getting those ordered now? I know we had to make special arrangements for Zwickau, but nothing's been said about Saalfeld?

05 Aug 2003, 10:59
Can someone help me. Two UK fans want to travel to Zwickau but are having trouble getting hold of tickets. They aren't members of the UK fan list so missed out on fan tickets. The venue told them that they need to transfer money, which I know from experience costs a fortune.

05 Aug 2003, 12:04
@ clare:
what if you contact torleif via email or joker via PM. maybe they can pay for the ticket for you and kaz and you give the money back in zwickau? just ask torleif!!!! It should not be a problem...
other way: where I can find that contact formular? what they need? a german account? please let me know. maybe I use my account and you will transfer the money to my english account... anja

by the way: I was listening to that song yesterday DREAM MACHINE

05 Aug 2003, 12:27
@Anja, you can have another name than Dream Machine, if you like...just let me know.

05 Aug 2003, 12:33
@willy, no i like it... :-)

05 Aug 2003, 12:55
It will change once you hit 100 posts.

05 Aug 2003, 13:01
@ Anja

Clare and I already have our tickets sorted out by Torleif - thanks anyway. Our problem is trying to get tickets for the fans that aren't on the UK fan list. The only way I can think of is to find someone in Germany who can order them for these fans from the venue and then get payment from them and send them on. Anyone any other ideas?

Btw, the guy we're trying to help is now a member of the forum - paulg.

While we're at it Willy, can I be 'Funny Earthling' instead of 'Universal Dream'? please? [laugh]

05 Aug 2003, 13:52
It's OK, they'll transfer money, it won't cost as much as they thought, (or anything like as much as my bank charges.)

@Alphaanni, thanks for the offer.