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10 Jun 2003, 00:13
We have had a lot of trips and misunderstandings about this party. And now we have contacted a few other Mexican fans, it is possible to do this. Who knows, after Moonbase gets to know how many AV-fans are here, they might resurrect the cancelled concerts [question]

Adaar (Alejandro Ramírez) has asked me to post in the Dreamroom this invitation he also has sent to the International AV Mailing-list. It would be so nice that all of you could join us, since we cannot join all of you who are going to Chemnitz. ;)

(Mensaje en Inglés y Español/English and Spanish version)

Hello all.

After months and months of cancelling and further planning, we have decided that the first AV Mexican Party should be made as soon as possible (hey, it's now or never).

So for all of you (I do mean all). This is an invitation for the 14 of june (yeah, I know....close, but no cigar) to the first Mexican AV Party.

The place: Mexico City, at my flat:
Alvaro Obregon 230 interior 9,
Col. Roma,
Delegacion Cuauhtemoc, 06700.
The date: Saturday 14 of june 2003.

I will expect all fans from Mexico to show up witout any exceptions, and if any out of towners (or country) would like to show up, we will be more than delighted (the more the merrier). For out of towners, or those of you so drunk you can't drive, accomodation is offered in my flat (its not a big flat, but im sure I can accomodate everyone).

It will be a great event.

Should you require more info, do not hesitate to contact:
Alejandro Ramírez: <snip>
Malila Muñoz: <snip>

See you all soon. From Mexico with love.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hola a todos,

Hemos decidido que la primera fiesta mexicana de fans de AV debe realizarse lo antes posible (ahora o nunca).

Asi que para todos ustedes (en realidad me refiero a todos), esta es una invitacion para el 14 de junio (casi, ya lo sé) a la primera fiesta mexicana de de AV.

El lugar: México, D.F., en mi depa:
Alvaro Obregón 230, interior 9,
Col. Roma,
Delegación Cuauhtémoc, 06700.

El día: Sábado 14 de Junio 2003.

Espero que todos los fans de México vengan sin excepción; si algún foráneo quiere venir, adelante, estaremos encantados (mientras más seamos, mejor). Para los foráneos, o para aquéllos que se pongan bien borrachos como para no majear, les puedo proveer alojamiento en
mi departamento, no es muy grande pero estoy seguro que todos nos podemos acomodar.

Será una gran noche.

Si requieren mas información o quieren confirmar su asistencia, pueden ponerse en contacto vía e-mail:
Alejandro Ramírez: @hotmail.com (rutasacia@hotmail.com)
Malila Muñoz: @msn.com (valmont_merteuil@msn.com)

Hasta Pronto.

10 Jun 2003, 14:29
I wish I could be there...if someone wants pay for the plane ticket to Mexico I will come for sure.

10 Jun 2003, 16:16
Thank you Willy, if I can rob the bank before friday, I will send the ticket right to your hands ;)

10 Jun 2003, 20:49
Sounds like a great party!
I hope a lot of people will show up!

10 Jun 2003, 21:05
@Avil: Thank you, we hope so too. I, personally, would like to take this forum complete to the party. [party]

Btw, someone asked us if Marian would come... we're hoping he will confirm his attendance ;) *yeah, dream on*

10 Jun 2003, 21:06
@ Malila

Never say never...[laugh] [laugh]

10 Jun 2003, 21:49
@Malila: I hope you'll have one! I would like you to join our AV party as well.[jump2]

11 Jun 2003, 08:51
I think it's gonna be great party! Have fun!

11 Jun 2003, 20:55
Haha, yeah that would really be something, Marian going to attend to the party in Mexico of all places. That would reeeally be something. =)

11 Jun 2003, 22:49
@Kaz, slam, Alien: Thank you... we're all very excited about it... we don't even know each other.

@Avil: wouldn't it? [laugh]

13 Jun 2003, 08:21
Well, like the slogan says: Everyone is invited [spin]

Kaz suggested us to extend the party online, and we thought that's a good idea. Wii has been so kind as to let us use the chatroom this Saturday/Sunday night. (Thank you both).

We will connect the party at about 2:00 a.m. CET time (sorry, in Mexico we're seven Greenwich hours younger than people living in Europe). It would be a lot more than nice if any "night owl" showed up and joined us. We can offer plenty of virtual beers and tequila. ;)

13 Jun 2003, 14:15
If I don't fall asleep until that time (4am in Moscow) I'll sneak in for a couple of minutes...

15 Jun 2003, 16:58

What happened to all the pics you promised us?

16 Jun 2003, 15:42
Sorry about the pictures. We had problems with the connection and with software. Digital pictures are now in Adaar's hands, I asked him to send them to me so I can publish them this week. The ones taken with an ordinary camera will soon be developed and posted asap.

16 Jun 2003, 15:58
A party without me? [bigmouth]

Live can be sad ????? .... ???? [smile2][laugh]

Virtual drunk, does that exist? [dunce]

17 Jun 2003, 01:02
@Angel: I did miss you. Next time we will try to make it earlier, so you can join ;)

Ok, not the best quality in the world, but there are some photos uploaded now.

I will develop the other ones and publish them when I have them all digitalized.

17 Jun 2003, 02:01
nice photos!

17 Jun 2003, 08:58
Very nice pictures, Malila! [approve][smile]

17 Jun 2003, 10:38
Yep! They are all right! Nice pictures! Yep![approve][beer][laugh]

17 Jun 2003, 15:44
Thank you! :)

The next ones will have a better quality for sure.

Btw, someone has asked me where the photos are uploaded: photoalbum, under MalilaM