View Full Version : Which of these German AV songs do you prefer?

28 May 2003, 10:01
Which of these German AV songs do you prefer?

28 May 2003, 10:25
Leben Ohne Ende - no doubt !!!!!! When I heard it for the first time back in 1996, I thought it was interesting, although I do prefer the english version (Seeds).

28 May 2003, 10:42
I prefer Seeds to Leben ohne Ende, but I voted for Traumtänzer. I like the lyrics.

28 May 2003, 10:46
I love Leben Ohne Ende and Seeds, when I first heard these on Dreamscapes, I just felt like if I had heard it back in the 80s, it would have been one of my very most favorite songs...the music, lyrics, and Marian's voice are perfect [smile].

28 May 2003, 11:06
Its a cool song !
and the music is kind of scary - the way i like it [wink]

28 May 2003, 11:22
Blauer Engel... scary and different, and one of AV's early masterpieces.

28 May 2003, 13:35
I voted for Leben Ohne Ende.....but some here at the forum maybe know that I love a part of the song Traumtänzer....[smile]

Someone that know [question]

28 May 2003, 13:39
I voted 'Leben Ohne Ende'.

Although I have to admit that the other songs are also great.

Do you really want to live forever?

poul e
28 May 2003, 15:00
I'm not too crazy about the Alphavillesongs sung in German in general, but the music on Traumtänzer is fantastic and I'd love to hear a polished version with English lyrics sometime!!!

Seeds is a great song & Leben ohne ende is okay, but Traumtänzer is my favourite song of the 3!

28 May 2003, 15:30
So hard to choose. I like them all.

I really love Traumtänzer but I voted for Leben Ohne Ende. Probably because I love Seeds so much that my vote was influenced by it.

Yes, I know what you mean Peter...[laugh]

28 May 2003, 21:15
I voted for Traumtanzer, though I also love Leben Ohne Ende... Yea, it was pretty hard to pick one, but finally I chose the DreamDancer [smile] - perfect song for foolish day-dreamers...

28 May 2003, 21:24
I voted for Blauer Engel. It was first AV song in German I've heard. And I really like it.

29 May 2003, 01:59
I voted Traumtänzer. It´s a really special songs and the lyrics is beautiful!!

29 May 2003, 12:04
I also voted Traumtänzer. It feels very special!

01 Jun 2003, 14:41
I like "Leben Ohne Ende". The song would be a perfect soundtrack to a german tv serie called "Leben Ohne Ende" if there was one. Do you agree?

01 Jun 2003, 23:04
So you have the song - now you only have to create a whole tv show and named it after the song.....not a problem at all.......[laugh][laugh]
You're funny [party]

02 Jun 2003, 08:48
Blauer Engel is my absolute favourite of all these songs. there are so many memories connected to this song..the most happiest moments of my life!!!

02 Jun 2003, 19:28
@Adi: The song reminds me of the tv serie "Ein Fall Fuer Zwei", probably.

I'm afraid I can't afford it. Would you cooperate? The only disadvantage is, it sounds like a little bit too old-fashioned compared with today's soundtracks.

Streetside Romeo
09 Jun 2003, 23:12
No question what I'd chose:
Blauer Engel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of AV's best. Brilliant, athmospheric lyrics, clever plot, great music and these synths...!

30 Dec 2008, 06:24
Leben Ohne Ende!

Somehow, I prefer this version over the English "Seeds." Just couldn't sing along in German, though.

30 Dec 2008, 14:07
i voted on Traumtanzer, but i love all. Hard choice.

30 Dec 2008, 19:09
Blauer Engel!!! The lyrics are totally insane... which is precisely what I love about it. ;)

17 Apr 2009, 18:02
Blauer angel. one interesting song and one fantastic melody.

20 Apr 2009, 15:45
Just cast my vote for Traumtaenzer. I used to love Leben ohne Ende, because of the clourful lyrics and continued to like it when I first heard Seeds. But knowing two versions of the song somehow made Traumtaenzer more special.

Generally speaking I would prefer it, if the German songs remained an exception. Besides them being special, I prefer the English ones and fact is, that more of the community is English speaking than German, so that's the audience to serve!

21 Apr 2009, 12:18
They are all great songs but I voted for Blauer Engel:

Top 3 [wink]
1. Blauer Engel
2. Leben Ohne Ende
3. Traumtänzer