View Full Version : Alphaville Live in Norway !!!

15 Apr 2003, 07:16
01.08.2003 tromsö (norway), guffstock festival.

Anyone have found a site about this festival? I sure canīt!?

poul e
15 Apr 2003, 07:30
I donīt think there is anything to be found about it yet...

But this page http://www.guffstock.com/ seems to have been used before and I guess it will again soon...

But it sounds interesting anyway.....one thing is for certain though....itīs too expensive for me to travel that far up in Norway (about as far up as you can get)...

16 Apr 2003, 23:55
Wohoo, yeah I saw that too!!
Now Iīm just waiting for some other dates in Scandinavia, but if there will be no more added, guess who is going to Norway??!?!! :D

17 Apr 2003, 01:21
from past reviews of the festival and the site, I don't think I'll be going to this one! Middle of nowhere? Makes Lommel sound like inner city!

Lommel - the strange place with a strange name...[wink] [wink]