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01 Sep 2002, 18:50
Saw this on www.alphaville.co.za. Interesting!!?!?

DJ MacAngel meets Bernhard Lloyd - Le Mystique Sonar (Alpha Omega Mix - Radio edit)

Produced by Bernhard Lloyd of Alphaville, this is a momentous and pumping dance floor remix of the original.

02 Sep 2002, 17:05
Anyone heard this one yet? Itīs really cool!
Reminds you of Atlantic popes, you can hear how bernhard has influenced in this song! Very cool one.

<center> ~/~/~Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, live today~/~/~

a l p h a v i l l e</center>

02 Sep 2002, 21:41
downloaded it some minutes ago... it's really cool! Avil is right... it reminds of Atlantic Popes... I like it!

I can see you through...

03 Sep 2002, 20:59
Suprised that not many of us seem to have heard it!

<center> ~/~/~Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, live today~/~/~

a l p h a v i l l e</center>

03 Sep 2002, 21:52
we have to start promotion company for it!

I can see you through...

04 Sep 2002, 13:55
Alpha-Omega ? <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
I just love Bernie's music style !!!!!

It reminds me of KYNETIC !
The sound is very similar !


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Bernhard Lloyd
19 Sep 2002, 21:53
well...it was fun to do this thing...
and itīs even successful...
"le mystique sonar" is currently on No. 2 in the southafrican webcharts...free download here: http://www.samp3.com/index.html
and to find out more about DJ MacAngel: http://www.soundfx.co.za/album.htm
check it out...

bernhard lloyd
everybody is a pope......

19 Sep 2002, 22:37
My sister and I are absolutly addicted to this track !
Its great and so catchy !!!
TA TA TA TA TA tatatata TA TA TA...... <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle><img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>


Bernhard Lloyd
31 Oct 2002, 01:28
looks like as if dj macangel and me are going for a "real" collaboration next year...i will probably produce the whole next album for him...
seems like a lot of fun..."we are only in it for the fun" somebody said ages ago...or did i get something wrong there?

31 Oct 2002, 11:01
Well that didnīt sound like a bad idea!
I heard about this a week ago, and Iīm so excited to hear more..=)

31 Oct 2002, 11:03
well, I tried the link you gave us to download the song, and it doesn't work. Or is it just me?

31 Oct 2002, 13:16
Thats wonderful, Bernd !

31 Oct 2002, 14:37
what's wonderful? That I can't open the link?? :)) (j/k)

01 Nov 2002, 23:03
that's really great Bernd!

07 Nov 2002, 21:00
download the original song at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/431/dj_macangel.html

,but you can also listen to the alpha omega mix

11 Jan 2003, 08:39
from DJ McAngels website http://www.soundfx.co.za/cdnews.htm

SA DJ & Producer MacAngel set to produce 2nd album in Germany next year!!!

After releasing his debut album "Sample This, final edition" on 4th July 2002 in South Africa, the music of DJ MacAngel has been well received by press, record labels, retail outlets and is currently playlisted on several Campus Radio Stations.

Now almost 5 months down the line, after corresponding with a German electronic producer who has contributed to the "Sample This" album in the form of a bonus track viz. Le Mystique Sonar (alpha-omega mix), DJ MacAngel is set to produce his 2nd album in Germany under the expert guidance of Bernhard Lloyd who boasts over 2 decades of electronic music production experience!

Bernhard Lloyd, an original & existing member of German electronic pop outfit ALPHAVILLE and solo project ATLANTIC POPES says: "I'm looking forward to this project... I want it to be a real collaboration..."

The 2nd Album's Vision is: "A musical collaboration between DJ MacAngel & Bernhard Lloyd with the goal of producing a variety of Electronic music showcasing genres of commercial dance, pop and accessible experimental sounds with catchy melodic elements and vocals, to be released in South Africa & select international territories."

11 Jan 2003, 10:45
Vola.......sounds nice. [smile]

11 Jan 2003, 22:22
Sounds great !
Im going to buy for sure any album that the best DJ in the world will produce.
That would be Bernie of course [wink]

15 Mar 2003, 06:44
News from DJ MacAngel's site

~Thurs, 6 March 2003 - 1st beta-phase track sent to Bernhard in Germany for the beginning of phase2...


15 Mar 2003, 14:06
Im expecting their work together to be a gerat CD !!!
I love LE MYSTIQUE SONAR very much and i cant wait for more !!!

16 Mar 2003, 09:36
WOW... All that I can say is that if Bernd appears at the creation of an album/song, that guarantees the quality... [eyebrows][jump2][love2][wink]

11 Jun 2003, 06:15
some news - ~Thurs, 5 June 2003 - 3, 2, 1... time's up Baby!!! Mac is off to Germany and Bernhard says "I'm really looking forward to the production.... and iīm sure it will turn out with very good results".

from www.soundfx.co.za

11 Jun 2003, 13:15
Great ! Ill be looking forward to hear this ! [party]

11 Jun 2003, 21:14
Wooo, now it wont be long!!!!!
So looking forward to some new stuff

12 Jun 2003, 11:01
Yes....itīs time to hear some new stuff from Bernhard....[jump2]

16 Jun 2003, 10:59
Great! I always look forward to hearing more music from Bernd [love]...

19 Aug 2003, 06:04
Go to http://www.soundfx.co.za/cdnews.htm for the latest news! There you can also see pictures of Bernhard's "Cork-Land" studio in Berlin.

19 Aug 2003, 07:27
Of course I don't understand anything in studios... but it looks nice! [smile2]

19 Aug 2003, 13:08
Interest in the UK eh??

23 Aug 2003, 19:04
GeEeEeEeEeZzZzZzZzzzzzz.... [bigeyes2] It looks very very fancy... but as Elena, I'm also damn stoopid if it is about studio equipments... [laugh] [dopey]

23 Aug 2003, 19:57
I have ordered their first cd 'Sample This'.

26 Aug 2003, 12:15
@FallenAngel - I also ordered it the other day. Where did you order it from?

26 Aug 2003, 21:22
can u imagine bernhard playing with those things?

26 Aug 2003, 21:59

I ordered my cd at MP3.COM

27 Aug 2003, 22:53
Bernhard isn't involved in this one is he?

28 Aug 2003, 13:30
@Avil - Bernhard did a remix of Le Mystique Sonar (of MacAngel's first cd) and did the production on the new CD (to be released). Go to www.soundfx.co.za