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29 Aug 2002, 16:06
I first heard of this band on the "Mix, rinse and spin" sampler. The great track "My Fallacy" made me look into them a bit more.

I now have both their albums, and they're strong! The style is synthy, a bit like a mix of Mesh, De/Vision etc. I'm sure most people here would like them.

Check them out!

I'm a danger in your paradise.

23 Jan 2003, 09:36
Not a single reply!

This is too good to miss out on, folks.

23 Jan 2003, 09:58
Than itīs time to take a look at them [smile]

24 Jan 2003, 22:13
I have their first album which was a letdown after getting it because of me hearing them like you, on the compilation.

I heard their second album is far far better. I just haven't got it yet. But yeah, my friends keep telling me to get the newest album.

Tara :)