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26 Jul 2002, 14:33
Does anyone like the books about Ayla, "the Earth Children-Serie" as much as I do?
I got to know a very nice Hp about the background storys, the things from what Jean M Auel get inspired, and some great maps, with pics from the some places where it takes part in the book...
the adress to the page is:


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26 Jul 2002, 18:12
I love those books! I said the same thing in another thread. There are so many details, incredibly good written.

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26 Jul 2002, 20:31
Leenix wrote:
Brownie: I read the first one of those books and I kept blushing all the time. To me it was Neanderthal Porn...not really my cup of tea. Have a great holiday! (with or without flatheads)

Then you shouldn´t read the second book..
But beside the very touching love scenes it´s very well written books, that every time I opened one book it catched my interest from the very first moment .. And I´ve read them now more then once... Through this books I get interested in what plants you can eat and how to survive in the forest..How to make fire with flintstone...and so on...
You can say, that these books changed my live and made it very much richer.

Life is a confusing thing

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30 Jul 2002, 07:22
If you like novels with lots of facts, set in ancient times I can recommend one of my family's favourite books (we all read it, loved it and quote it often!). The title is "The Egyptian" in English, "Sinuhe" in Swedish, "Sinuhe, der Ägyptier" in German. Mika Waltari is the name of the author. Here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0899668631/002-4134740-2202401

Any suggestions on what books to bring on my vacation?

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